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New and forthcoming Dizzy Tiger products:


The new Dizzy Tiger compilation, titled Anti, is now mixed and awaiting artwork & assembly. Featuring these fine acts: The Flesh Happening, Rumiko Jr, The Fellow Toms, Rashamon, Kim Wan, Regular John, Rufus Stone, Same Actor, Doctor Fonda, Billy & the Fingers, Tim Hoyte, St Vincent, The Briganties, The Peacetime Romances, The Long Goodbye, The Black Tulips, an artist thinking of a name for their music project, and Morning Star. DTMC16 - not long now!

The Grey Forest: cassette album, out as soon as it's recorded. Formerly not-known as Stay Out Forever.

Ellen Cherry - live at Ridding '99. Tape to appear at some point.

The Flesh Happening - new recordings.

Tigersnack - new ep by Rachel North's (Kelpie Sphinx, The (Chemical) Raising Agents, Trophy Wife etc) latest musical venture.

Technically Men - possible ep by this new group, featuring members of Lo-Fidelity Allstars, Burn Burn Burn etc.

Paul Mitchell has resumed work, after a long break, on the Coastline Records film. This comprises various pieces of live footage and interviews shot during 1991-2001 around Hastings, the Ridding Festival etc. Originally titled Bitterscene, it remained scheduled as a Coastline release (STER18), though at the moment it's uncertain how the project will turn out. Expect ropey bits and pieces from such defunct groups as Duplo, Sex Danse Regime, Some Wankers, The HAMMS, Ellen Cherry, The Ital Jets, and whatever else survives. Friends of ours with film of their bands from the nineties would be welcome to contribute, I'm sure.

The Miscreants: second album, eventually.

The Ital Jets (1995-2000) compilation tape. The Ital Jets have been under-represented for one of our key bands, and a forthcoming cassette compilation should rectify this a bit. However, tape recordings of any Ital Jets stuff are very thin on the ground, and we're requesting anyone with audio or video tapes of the band to get in touch. The live archive currently stands at: Ridding Festival 07/09/96 - 1 song, dubbed from videotape. The Crypt 05/09/98 (with The Rains) - 1 song and several minutes of heckling. Harpers 14/03/99 (Angel Underground fanzine launch) - complete 4 song acoustic set. Ridding Festival 31/07/99 - complete 6 song set. There's certainly a videotape of a gig at the Golden Martlett in Hellingly, summer '97 we should be able to get hold of, but anything else would be of use too.

Postponed: Dean Adams - unissued songs, recorded solo (tape, possibly a split release). We were planning to get Dean to run through as many unrecorded Ital Jets and early Donkey Kong Jr songs as he can remember, before all that drinking takes its toll on his brain cells. Rufus Stone has begun recording Dean doing this down the basement; however, this is more in preperation for demoing Rumiko Jr material, and Dean doesn't regard these tracks as releasable at present. Record companies of the future please note, should it ever become opportune to issue an exhaustive Rumiko Jr/Donkey Kong Jr box-set, we're holding tapes of both their debut gig at The Tubman 14th Dec 2000 (when the band was Dean, Michael and Bill Lambie), and their Shambolica set of 15th Jul 2001 (when Marcus joined), both featuring a handful of unissued songs. There were also plans to release a more recent Donkey Kong Jr gig (performances at Yprestock 30th Aug 2004 and The Smugglers 22nd Dec 2004 were taped; the latter, Donkey Kong Jr's final gig under that name, got as far as a 90-minute mocked-up cassette in an edition of six for the band that didn't achieve full approval for an official edition). Now that they have renamed themselves Rumiko Jr and signed a deal with Rock Indiana, the whole live album concept might have to be put on hold for a while (though the occasional gig is still bootlegged).


Dizzy Tiger Music Co Singles Club: ltd cdr series. Kicking-off with Rashamon - The Power Of Hatred/Shake The Rodeo Stammer/Plane As Ya Honey (Hot Roddy mix) (DTMC15).

Sacrifice: Dizzy Tiger audio documentary: Hastings Old Town, May/October '05 (Jack In The Green/Bonfire). An historic 60 minute lo-fi assemblage (DTMC12). Just made it out before the end of 2005, as a cassette Christmas present for the mailing list, or anyone else for that matter.

Regular John - Defeat All Tigers (The Rock Lane Tapes) (DTMC14).  5 song ep, comprises live rehearsal & gig recordings. Not to be mistaken for a second studio ep: don't worry, it's fuckin' loud anyway! Track 3 (Witch Doctor) mastered by Colin Gibson. Track 5 (Twenty Six) live at Smugglers 10th Jul 2005. Released with a Smugglers launch party on 13th Nov 2005.

A Cassette Pair # 3: Minimal Impact - The Day I Met The Cosmonauts/Shitmat - Hollyoaks starts at 6:30 (DTMC11). This tape was originally scheduled with Frontier Telegraph on the second side, but Shitmat stepped in when they pulled out.

Axis Deer: Dc (DTMC10). cdr reissue, drawing on tracks from both of Michael Rivers' cassette albums (Milo Stein and Holinsky). The offer of releasing new material remains open, so long as he is willing to record some.

A 3"cdr promo single (DTMC13), featuring the alternate Rashamon and Minimal Impact tracks from the mispressed promo cdr version of Sun In Wintertime, is temporarily available.

Various - Sun In Wintertime:

The new Dizzy Tiger Music Co. compilation is now out on both cassette and cdr (initial cdr version mispressed and abandoned as promo only), featuring a whole bunch of our friends from the coast and elsewhere, including many who've not appeared on our labels before. The finalised track listing is: Tim Hoyte - October Friend (from The Nothing Machine), Volunteers - It Takes Years (from forthcoming EP), Duff Parker - Should Have Worked Out Different But I Guess That's How It Goes (unreleased track), Good Morning Captain - Sova (from self-titled EP), Hot Roddy - Repetoire (from A Lively Appreciation Of Doom), Duncan Pearce - Wire Song (from Heaven In Narrow Streets), Regular John - Hyeshin (from EP One), Axis Deer - Fiber Optics (from Holinsky), Minimal Impact - Lim Bim (from Bits, see additional text below), The Crayons - You Can't Get Away From Me (from Nightime Daytime Nightime), Flying Marrows - MamaPapa (from As The Marrows Fly), The Flesh Happening - I Like Nuns (from self-titled EP), Rashamon - Cheers To Your Eyes (unreleased track), Emma Darling - Found (from From The Blue Cafe EP), Jonathan Martin - Don't Let It Slip Away (from Take A Moment Out Of Your Day EP).

Minimal Impact - Lim Bim (additional text): Lim Bim is sampled from a Kurt Schwitters track. 6. Vierter Teil, Performer Kurt Schwitters, Composer Kurt Schwitters, Publisher Wergo, CD Title Ursonate, Track 4, Label Wergo, Rec No Wer. 6304-2 286 304-2. Steve Minimal Impact did email us Schwitters' comments on the original work, which are also online at . Steve's recommended link is .

The Miscreants - Bexhill Ennui:

Two years in the making, the debut album from The Miscreants is now available on Dizzy Tiger (DTMC08). Ninety minutes of lo-fidelity scrabbling recorded in Hove and Hastings padded out with offcuts and rejects from the group's tape boxes. Handsome deep red sleeve photo of Bexhill seafront. Hmmm, let's just say this album's a bit more challenging than it was originally intended to be.

See the Contacting Us page for ordering details.

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