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Appendix to Associated Releases, Fragmentation pages etc.

Here's artwork for some of the many releases mentioned on the website. Still don't have a scanner, so it's all been nicked off the net again.

Donkey Kong Jr - Broken Down, Whiskey Sound (own-label cd)

Reissue, as Rumiko Jr (Rock Indiana cd)

Various - Autumn Almanac 2004 (Rock Indiana cd)

Rashamon - Windo Loca (Highpoint Lowlife 7")

Rashamon - Windo Loca (label detail)

Rashamon - Gravity, People (remixes)(Passive-Aggressive cdr)

Tim Hoyte - The Nothing Machine (own-label cdr)

Jonathan Martin - This Is Only Me (own-label cdr)

Burn Burn Burn - Single Number 1(own-label 7")

Flying Marrows - Flown The Roost (own-label cdr)

Flying Marrows - As The Marrows Fly (own-label cdr)

Good Morning Captain/Jacob's Stories (Mid March Records split 7")

Same Actor - Sharp Edges (Bip-Hop cd)

Minimal Impact - Sounds Of The Planets (own-label cd)

Various - Spirit Of Gravity vol 1 cdr

Various - Spirit Of Gravity vol 2 cdr

Various - Spirit Of Gravity vol 3 cdr

Various - Spirit Of Gravity vol 4 cdr

Various - Spirit Of Gravity vol 5 cdr

The Flesh Happening - sampler #1 (own-label cdr)

The Flesh Happening - sampler #2 (own label cdr)

Hot Roddy - Pessimism (Here's My Card UK records cdr)

Regular John - EP One (own-label cdr)

Various - This Window Only Opens Halfway (Passive-Aggressive cdr)