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Upcoming events, month-by-month...

JANUARY 2007: After a fine start to the year courtesy of Rumiko Jr, Regular John and Southernwood down Smugglers, Hastings on New Year's Day, the first bit of news we've got is that 'Anti', the new Dizzy Tiger compilation (DTMC16), is finally mixed. One artist is just thinking of the name and track-title they wish to use [he's gonna be Ed 209], but the other 17 tracks are courtesy of The Flesh Happening, Rumiko Jr, The Fellow Toms, Rashamon, Kim Wan, Regular John, Rufus Stone, Same Actor, Doctor Fonda, Billy & the Fingers, Tim Hoyte, St Vincent, The Briganties, The Peacetime Romances, The Long Goodbye, The Black Tulips, and Morning Star. As always, email the label for a copy (and we'll also try to clear the backlog of people waiting for the 'Sacrifice' tape, the Shitmat/Minimal Impact split, and, in one unlikely case, the C/R/E tape - apologies for the delay in all these cases). Saturday 13th is Simon Shaw's birthday gig at Smugglers, in Hastings, for which he'll be presenting Tom Waits Day (you know the drill, loads of musicians perform the songs of Tom Waits, and try and outdrink him) - names mentioned at present include Liam Genockey, Colin Gibson, Lianne Carroll, Jem Turpin, John Ballard and Alfie Bernardi, but there'll probably be many more... In Brighton, on Tuesday 16th, Spirit Of Gravity present twocsinak, Komon and Rashamon at the Marlborough Theatre - and Rashamon's Lee Hume warms up for this with his debut stand-up comedy performace at Sideplitters, The Providence, Western Road, Brighton on Sunday 14th www.leehume.com .

24th Dec: Flying Marrows, The Rooms, St Leonards.

23rd Dec: Regular John, Brass Monkey, Hastings.

22nd Dec: Rumiko Jr, Brass Monkey, Hastings ;

22nd Dec: Shitmat, somewhere in Hereford.

20th Dec: Rumiko Jr, Smugglers, Hastings.

19th Dec: Deano, Revolver, Hastings. 

18th Dec: The Crayons, The Crypt, Hastings.

17th Dec: Tim Hoyte/Rob & Greg/Hayley Savage, Eat @, Hastings. 

16th Dec: Tymon Dogg & The Quikening/Rumiko Jr/Zoe Konez/The Dawgs/Jonathan Martin & friends/more tbc, Dog In The Manger - Festive Gig, Venue M (formerly De Niro's/George Street Hall), Hastings. 8pm - 2am.

15th Dec: Shitmat, Fringe Bar, Brighton.

13th Dec: Deano/Hayley Savage/Tim Hoyte, Le Pattie Cafe, Hastings. 

9th Dec: Rufus Stone, Smugglers, Hastings. 

6th Dec: Tim Hoyte, The Street, Hastings ;

6th Dec: Same Actor, Passing Clouds Warehouse, London.

5th Dec: Deano, Revolver, Hastings ;

5th Dec: Same Actor, 93 Feet East, London. 

3rd Dec: Mondo Generator/Regular John/This Project, The Funktion Rooms, Eastbourne. 

2nd Dec: Rufus Stone, Brass Monkey, Hastings ;

2nd Dec: Technically Men, The Prince Albert, Brighton ;

2nd Dec: Overkill Christmas Party (inc Shitmat), Corsica Arts Club, London.

1st Dec: Rumiko Jr/The Centrals/The Vigours, Love Buzz, Archway Tavern, London ;

1st Dec: The Flesh Happening (single launch)/The Bobby McGee's, Cowley Club, Brighton. 

30th Nov: Wrong Music, Fortune Of War, Brighton.

29th Nov: Regular John/The Mekano Set/Pope Joan/Mr Jack Cooper, The Engine Rooms, Brighton ;

29th Nov: Rufus Stone, The Street, Hastings ;

29th Nov: Same Actor, Amersham Arms, London.

28th Nov: The Long Goodbye (Alfie Bernardi), Sanctuary Cafe, Brighton.

25th Nov: Flying Marrows, Beacon Arts Centre, Hastings. 2:30pm (plus photographic exhibition by Nat & Bill Lambie from Flying Marrows)

24th Nov: Poetry Prodigy (curated by Richard Evans, feat. Tim Hoyte, Hugo Williams, Tom Sutton, Tim Clare, Rhian Edwards), Eat @, Claremont, Hastings. 8pm. (Part of Word About Town festival) ;

24th Nov: Shitmat, The Beacon, Bletchley (Bletchley!)

23rd Nov: White Ribbon event (inc. Donna Terenzi, Lianne Carroll, Tim Hoyte etc), Angling Club, Hastings ;

23rd Nov: Wrong Music/Netlab, Volks Tavern, Brighton.

22nd Nov:Deano, Revolver, Hastings (postponed from 21st). 

21st Nov: Spirit Of Gravity (Minimal Impact, Monster Bobby, The Reasonable Men), Marlborough Theatre, Brighton.

18th Nov: Regular John/This Project, The Tubman, Hastings ;

18th Nov: The Flesh Happening, Club 85, Hitchin.

8th Nov: The Flesh Happening, The Good Ship, Kilburn.

7th Nov: Deano, Revolver, Hastings. 

4th Nov: The Flesh Happening/Regular John, The Crypt, Hastings ;

4th Nov: Mookie/Doctor Fonda, Brass Monkey, Hastings.

2nd Nov: Other Words, Bar Blue, St Leonards ; 

2nd Nov: Shitmat, Fractals, Reading. 

1st Nov: Richard Hart, The Street, Hastings. 

28th Oct: Richard Hart, Poorboys Cafe, Hastings ;

28th Oct: The A-Team/Ch3vy djs, Brass Monkey, Hastings (Hallowe'em Special) ;

28th Oct: Regular John/The Gentleman's Pistols, Smugglers, Hastings.

27th Oct: The Black Tulips/Dirty Electric/Blah Blah Blah/Elephant Rescue Plan, Dirty South, Lewisham.

26th Oct: Wrong Music, Volks Tavern, Brighton.

25th Oct: Alfie, Ben & Paul, The Street, Hastings ;

25th Oct: The Flesh Happening/Unholy Trinity, Mayfair Club, London (Hallowe'en Party).

24th Oct: Deano, Revolver, Hastings. 

21st Oct: Regular John/Gorilla/Rumiko Jr, Brass Monkey, Hastings. Matt from the John's birthday gig!

17th Oct: Spirit Of Gravity (Celled, nwodtleM, Chris Cobilis), Marlborough Theatre, Brighton ;

17th Oct: Instrumentality (inc. Same Actor, Tim Exile, Dr Bastardo, Voltek), Fortune Of War, Brighton. Free ;

17th Oct: The Flesh Happening, the Engine Rooms, Brighton

14th Oct: The Flesh Happening, Volks Tavern, Brighton.

10th Oct: Deano, Revolver, Hastings.

7th Oct: Regular John, The Crypt, Hastings.

6th Oct: The Maccabees/Regular John, The Crypt, Hastings. 

6th - 28th Oct: Wrong Music Gentlemens Breakcore Tour (Lyon 6th, Madrid 11th, Nottingham 13th, Exeter 25th, Derby 28th) www.wrongmusic.com for updates.

5th Oct: [Other Words, Bar Blue, St Leonards - cancelled, sorry! Back next month, probably with me compering..]

4th Oct: Regular John (Matt & Bonj acoustic), The Street, Hastings.

30th Sep: The Small Jackets/Gorilla, Brass Monkey, Hastings ; 

30th Sep: Rashamon (& many others), Concorde 2, Brighton. Free - Brighton live event ; 

30th Sep: Spirit Of Gravity present: Minimal Impact/Celled/This Sound Bureaucracy/Dan Powell, Riki Tik's, Bond Street, Brighton. Free - Brighton live event ;

30th Sep: -a+M/Jane Bartholomew, The Dorset, Brighton. Free - Brighton live event. 

29th Sep: Rumiko Jr/Regular John/Ambrose Tompkins/The Small Jackets, Smugglers, Hastings (Dean's 30 birthday bash) ;  

29th Sep: The Flesh Happening, Sumo, Brighton. 8pm - Brighton Live event ;

29th Sep: Shitmat/Wrong Music, Liverpool.

28th Sep: Wrong Music, Volks Tavern, Brighton. 

27th Sep: Same Actor, Ordio Enjinn, The Grey Horse, Kingston, London. 

26th Sep: Deano, Revolver, Hastings ;

26th Sep: -a+M/Shoreline, Joogleberry, Brighton. Free - Brighton Live event ;

26th Sep: Coin-Op/Fujiya & Miyagi/The Black Tulips, Brighton Audio, Brighton. Free - Brighton Live event.

24th Sep: Shitmat, Tillburg, Netherlands. 

23rd Sep: Alfie, Tari & Jake, Harpers, Hastings. 

21st Sep: The Flesh Happening, Hove Sailing Club, Hove. 

19th Sep: Spirit Of Gravity (Leo Abrahams, Fupper, This Sound Bureaucracy), Marlborough Theatre, Brighton.

18th Sep: Television premiere of Unrequited Love (Chris Petit, 2006), featuring Rebecca Marshall, More4, 9pm. Worth staying home for! 

16th Sep: Rumiko Jr, Smugglers, Hastings ; 

16th Sep: Cloudesley Shovell, Brass Monkey, Hastings ; 

16th Sep: Flying Marrows, Beacon Arts centre (www.beaconhastings.com) as part of Coastal Currents festival, Hastings. 2:30pm. Coastal Currents also brings Billy Childish and the Chatham Singers to St Mary In The Castle at 7:30pm.

12th Sep: Deano, Revolver, Hastings. 

9th Sep: Regular John/Gorilla, Brass Monkey, Hastings ;

9th Sep: Shitmat/Sickboy, DRI, Antwerpen, Belgium. 

8th Sep: Shitmat/Sickboy, Hectic 4// Frontline, Gent, Belgium. 

7th Sep: Other Words, Bar Blue, St Leonards.

6th Sep: -a+M/Mi & L'Au/Lionshare, Prince Albert, Brighton.

5th Sep: Shitmat/Sickboy, Ars Electronica Festival, Austria. 

4th Sep: -a+M, Prince Albert, Brighton.

1st Sep: The Flesh Happening, Keith Talent Gallery, 2-4 Tudor Road, London. 4pm ;

1st Sep: Rumiko Jr, Harpers, Hastings ;

1st Sep: -a+M/Birdengine/My Robot Heart, Sanctuary Cellar, Brighton.

30th Aug: Rufus Stone & Bonj, The Street, Hastings.

29th Aug: Deano, Revolver, Hastings.

28th Aug: Alfie Bernardi, Harpers, Hastings ;

28th Aug: Johnny Cash day (inc. Rumiko Jr), The Carlisle, Hastings. (nb: Rumiko hadn't planned on having gigs booked every day over the August Bank Holiday: Saturday's Harpers gig has been passed-over,Sunday's Carlisle one was on/off/on, but this Monday gig is definitely on; not sure how much Johnny Cash preperation they've done though...)

27th Aug: Rumiko Jr, The Carlisle, Hastings (back on!) 

25th Aug: The Crayons, Harpers, Hastings ;

25th Aug: Rumiko Jr/Ambrose Tompkins/Jon Cank/Sally Hossack/Holly Palmer/Danielle/Tom Nowell, The Firebug, Millstone Lane, Leicester. 8pm.

22nd Aug: Spirit Of Gravity (Faoi, Britch, Incite), Marlborough Theatre, Brighton. 

21st Aug: Tim Hoyte, Harpers, Hastings.

19th Aug: We Love Hastings Pier (inc. Rumiko Jr, The Crayons, The Argonauts, Richard Dennett, Dale Weeks, Jamie Smart), Harpers, Hastings ;

19th/20th Aug: Glass Eye (singer/songwriter weekend), Smugglers, Hastings ;

19th Aug: The Flesh Happening, Notting Hill Arts Club, London. 4pm - free.

18th Aug: Richard Hart, Poorboys Cafe, Hastings.

15th Aug: Deano, Revolver, Hastings. 

12th Aug: Gorilla/Regular John, Heroes, Hastings.

11th Aug: Mama Josie, Harpers, Hastings. 

10th-13th Aug: Wasted festival, Blackpool (inc. Flying Marrows, acoustic stage, 13th Aug) www.holidaysinthesun.net 

9th Aug: Deano & Jim, The Street, Hastings ;

9th Aug: Richard Hart, Harpers, Hastings ;

9th Aug: Totally Bored (Same Actor, Bela Emerson, Britch), The Fringe Bar, Brighton.

7th Aug: Alfie Bernardi, Smugglers, Hastings.

6th Aug: The Flesh Happening/Jacob's Stories/Kitty Hudson/Psycho Fags In Binbags/DJ Floorcleaner, The Ocean Rooms, Brighton.

5th Aug: F-Shine presents Chicken Stock (inc. Rumiko Jr, Regular John, Mono Taxi, OLW, Plakka, Dave and Steeny, Midnight Earl, Guipsy Jack & Jan, Henrik, Rob from the Roach Motel), The Constitution, Camden. 6pm. (How bizarre: went to check if this was in the NME, and found that Lene Lovich is playing the Camden Underworld that night. Where's she been hiding?)

4th Aug: Action Thru Music present Justice Not Vengeance (inc Jonathan Martin, Regular John, Zoe Konez, Analogical, Colin Bailey, Liam Weeks, Michael Jones, Joshua Brister, Karona), Heroes, Hastings. 5pm-11pm.

3rd Aug: Other Words, Bar Blue, St Leonards. 

1st Aug: Deano, Revolver, Hastings. 

28th Jul: The Consortium (djs), Gritti Palace, Hastings ;

28th Jul: The Black Tulips, Pyramids, Portsmouth. 

22nd Jul: Rocksalts Festival, Rye Town Salts, Rye (inc. Rumiko Jr, Regular John, This Project, Lower Case, Fracture, The 5-40's, Purple Bubble, Noxious, Drowning By Numbers, Glavion, The Higher State, Mookie, Alfie Bernardi, The Crayons, Gunmetal, The Red Shift, Ch3vy djs). 12am-11pm.

21st Jul: Dj Spunky Dunk Funk, Gritti Palace, Hastings.

21st Jul: Supersonic (Capsule/Wrong Music rooms), Custard Factory, Birmingham. 

18th Jul: Spirit Of Gravity (Same Actor, Onemancrimewave, Halal Kebab Hut), Marlborough Theatre, Brighton ;

18th Jul: Deano, Revolver, Hastings.

16th Jul: [Regular John - poss. cancelled]/Gun Shy Kennedy/Natalie's Box/The 5-40's, The Carlisle, Hastings. 

15th Jul: Mama Josie's Hot Mug of Funk/Ch3vy djs, Brass Monkey, Hastings ;

15th Jul: Richard Hart, The Rooms, St Leonards. 8:30pm.

14th Jul: Good Books/The Late Greats/Regular John, The Crypt, Hastings. 8:30pm.

13th Jul: Tim Hoyte/The Turner Prize, Listen, The Rooms, St Leonards.

12th Jul: Rufus Stone band, The Street, Hastings ;

12th Jul: Wrong Music, Volks Tavern, Brighton.

8th Jul: Rumiko Jr/Regular John/The Candys (re-union!), Brass Monkey, Hastings. 11pm ;

8th Jul: St Leonards Festival (inc. Militant Minds, Pass The Cat, The Selecter etc), Warrior Square Gardens, St Leonards. Music from 4pm, courtesy of Hastings Rock FM.

7th Jul: Gorilla, The Carlisle, Hastings ;

7th Jul: Dj Spunky Dunk Funk, Gritti Palace, Hastings ; 

7th Jul: Regular John, Ottakers, Hastings. According to www.myspace.com/regularjohn1 anyhow...

6th Jul: Other Words, Bar Blue, St Leonards.

5th Jul: Hayley Savage/Matt & Bonj (Regular John), The Street, Hastings.

4th Jul: Deano, Revolver, Hastings.

3rd Jul: Rumiko Jr, Smugglers, Hastings.

1st Jul: Tree of Hope fundraiser (inc. Claire Hamill, Zoe Konez, Jonathan Martin, Doctor Fonda, etc), 2-7pm, Heroes, Hastings ;

1st Jul: Gorilla/Regular John, Brass Monkey, Hastings.

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30.06.06 Tonight (Friday), the Rufus Stone band are at the re-opened Harpers Bar in Hastings; whilst up in London, there's another fundraising gig for Resonance FM, entitled Kick Up The Riddim, at The Rhythm Factory, Whitechapel: Hot Roddy, Mully and a handful of others appear in two rooms. Then Saturday (1st July) has Gorilla, supported by Regular John, at Brass Monkey, Hastings. If you're watching the World Cup Quarter Finals beforehand (or even Wimbledon, if you like a drink that much) try and pace yourselves, eh? Thanks! NB: Also as of tomorrow (1st July), we're gonna slightly alter the format of this page: changing from this current diary-style to more of a calender-style listing of upcoming gigs (with the odd bit of other news squeezed in where appropriate). With the increase in volume of gigs and events involving our friends in the two years since we put the Dizzy Tiger site online, it's been more and more difficult to get these entries correct in advance, as gigs are confirmed and cancelled almost day-by-day. Hopefully it'll be easier to maintain too! Anyone missing the over-friendly colloquialisms of this news page in the future should head over to the Message Boards, where there's loads of it. Also, wherever possible, we'll append to gigs that have gone by links to any reviews or photos that may appear on our blogs, or external sites whenever we spot anything relevant. Hopefully that'll all become clear over the next few weeks, thanks for your continued interest, X.

27.06.06 Well, The Heaters (in some form) played the Hastings Arms, here in Hastings, yesterday (Monday 26th); and up in London tonight (Tue) The Black Tulips, The OGB, Eleven, Co-Star and The Counterfeits are at The Purple Turtle in Camden; but aside from that it's a quiet start to the week.

23.06.06 Aside from the Shitmat/Planet Mu dates over the weekend (see below), there's also several Hastings gigs going on, for those unwilling to travel far. Tonight (Fri), sees a gig by a new band Alfie Bernardi's joined at Smugglers; tomorrow (Sat 24th) Richard Hart is performing with friends at Poorboys Cafe, whilst The A Team return to Brass Monkey, alongside Ch3vy; and finally Tim Hoyte's at a charity festival in Buckswood School, Guestling from midday Sunday (25th Jun) alongside a whole load of other acts (of which The Red Shift and Pass The Cat are, at least, worth catching).

19.06.06 This is a bit more like it: today (Monday) has The Black Tulips at the Engine Rooms, Brighton, with Ass Rockits and Pink Noise. Deano will be doing the Revolver stuff in Hastings tomorrow (Tue 20th); whilst back over in Brighton it's Spirit Of Gravity time at the Marlborough Theatre, with Lifting Engineer, Multiplex and Rashamon. As an incentive (we know there's an England match on), it might be your first chance to pick up the brand new Shitmat - Spirit Of Gravity Remixes cdr album too, so do the right thing. There's a few Shitmat/Planet Mu dates this week too: Wednesday (21st Jun) somewhere in Manchester (with Venetian Snares, DJ Scotch Egg and Chevron); Friday (23rd Jun) has a Planet Mu party at the Electrowerkz in London; and Saturday (24th Jun) more of that lot (including Venetian Snares and Luke Vibert) are at an event called Faster Than Sound, being held at Aldeburgh Airbase in Norfolk (neither Shitmat's nor Planet Mu's sites brought up much more detail on any of these dates, but there's enough info for you to do an internet search if it really takes your fancy). Uh-oh!

17.06.06 Well, it was another Wrong Music at the Volks Tavern, Brighton on Thursday (15th Jun); and today (Saturday) brings both Rufus Stone and Regular John at Brass Monkey, Hastings (that's about all we knew about this week, so sorry if you missed Wednesday's Smugglers gig: we did too!). Nice weather though.

06.06.06 What with throwing a party last Saturday night, there was so much on our plates (um, figuratively) that we fell behind updating this website, for the first time, and forgot to give you more details on the Technically Men gig that night at The Crypt (sorry, Del). But, having sobered up a bit by now, at least we can get this week's info up: which started yesterday night (Mon), with Tim Hoyte playing down Smugglers, Hastings. Today (Tue) it's time for Deano et al, round the corner at Revolver, Hastings: not sure who else might be playing, possibly Satan, I guess... Anyhow, Wednesday (7th Jun) features an acoustic gig by The Crayons, on the bill at The Street, Hastings. By Thursday (8th Jun), The Flesh Happening will be up in London for a gig at The Good Ship, Kilburn, alongside The Mighty Roars, Big Sur and Kaned Citizen, whoever they might all be. Friday (9th Jun) offers a choice of Tim Hoyte, again, at The Rooms, St Leonards, with Darren Eve; The New Shapes, The Black Tulips and One Boy Girl at Brass Monkey, Hastings; and apparently The Heaters (in some form) at the Ypres Inn, Rye. and, blimey, Tim Hoyte's at it again on the Sunday (11th Jun) down at Bar Blah, St Leonards, with that guy Darren Eve again. Busy lads. So should you be. Get us a drink!

29.05.06 There's at least one worthwhile gig happening this Bank Holiday Monday (29th May), with The Crayons, Fracture and Off Limit playing another battle-of-the-bands competition (do you think they're keeping their own seasonal league-tables by now?) at The Forum, Tunbridge Wells. Wednesday (31st May) brings Alfe Bernardi over to The Street in Hastings; whilst The Open House in Brighton is presenting 'On The Edge', an improvised team-up between the Spirit Of Gravity and Safe House crews (see www.spiritofgravity.com for details). Thursday (1st Jun) is time for Other Words open-mic at Bar Blue, St Leonards; and another gig for The Crayons (featuring a support turn by One Boy Girl - Mark Crayons' solo project) at Flava in Eastbourne. That's plenty!

27.05.06 The Black Horse Music Festival is running all over this Bank Holiday Weekend, up at the Black Horse Inn, Telham, near Battle (www.blackhorsemusicfestival.org.uk); we only really have an interest in Tim Hoyte's appearance tonight (Sat), supporting Glenn Tilbrook (with his new band The Fluffers) and Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies - fifteen pounds on the door, if you're up for that. It's looking like an unusually quiet Bank Holiday otherwise...

23.05.06 Just a quick reminder that Deano's playing down Revolver, Hastings tonight. Expect probable ATP anecdotes from him, and his various chalet-mates (eg Rufus, Bonj & Matt) if they're playing too, and possibly an appearance from the mighty Hayley Savage, though we can never confirm any of this 'til the night itself...

18.05.06 Starting today (Thu) there's another Wrong Music tour getting underway (ahem, the Monsters Of Cock tour), with Ladyscraper, DJ Floorcleaner and Mully trashing several venues around the UK up until next Friday (26th May): see www.wrongmusic.co.uk for the details. We're off to ATP, again, for the weekend, but if it helps you could always travel up to the Brixton Jamm club in, well, Brixton, for The Black Tulips (whose new cd we've received in the post, thanks, along with an Electric Morning Star ep: these plus other recent demos from Regular John, Same Actor, etc should mean that the long-delayed Dizzy Tiger compilation may see the light of day by, ooh, summer?), playing alongside Hot Club De Paris, Drinkme, My First Radio and Sob Dollies.

15.05.06 Tomorrow (Tue 16th) it's Regular Bonj's birthday, so y'all get down to Smugglers, Hastings to celebrate (Regular John, Rumiko Jr, probably others, will be playing). Du pain, du vin, du Bonj!

12.05.06 Later today (Fri), loads of us are off to All Tomorrow's Parties, which'll be a total blast, but for those of you left behind (and in possession of a passport - your own, of course), it looks like Shitmat's playing with a bunch of people at an event called Crack Beats over the water in Tilburg in Holland tonight. Tomorrow(Sat 13th)'s a bit more likely, with Tim Hoyte and Beamer at Eat@, Claremont, Hastings; and Glass Eye 14 (singer-songwriter fest) round the corner at Smugglers - we know Alfie's there, at least. Sure there'll be something else happening wherever you live sometime over the rest of the weekend anyway. By the way, the vaguely-Dizzy Tiger page on MySpace has now been taken down, 'cos it was so boring on there: if you wanna chat, use our Message Boards, they're much better. You don't have to be a Myspacer to access most bands' pages, by the way, so check out the new Rumiko Jr album demos at www.myspace.com./rumikojr (promo cdrs available at ATP too, via the band, along with whatever else the rest of us dig-up). Ta.

08.05.06 Deano's playing Revolver, Hastings tomorrow (Tue 9th): let's see if being this month's Ultimate Alternative cover-star has gone to his head. Later, on Thursday (11th May), Jonathan Martin plays Listen at The Rooms, St Leonards, with Austin Drage.

04.05.06 Right, cast your vote, then consider the following options. Tonight (Thu) it's Other Words open-mic at Bar Blue, St Leonards; whilst The Black Tulips play Club East in Worthing, and Shitmat appears to be further along the coast at a place called Alcatraz, down in Bournemouth. Tomorrow (Fri 5th) brings another Shitmat appearance at a Fractals launch party at Impact Studios in Reading (for more details on both these gigs, try www.shitmat.co.uk). Then it's back home on Saturday (6th May) for Rumiko Jr at Brass Monkey, Hastings: bring your party poppers. Mmm, Spring.

01.05.06 Today (Bank Holiday Monday itself) finally brings us all the mayhem of Jack-In-The-Green all over Hastings, and if that wasn't enough sex, drugs & rock 'n' roll action for you, Regular John, Gorilla and Trenchfoot UK are at Smugglers too, from sometime this afternoon. LATE NEWS! There's also an Anti-BNP gig organised for between 3pm & 11pm today, at Heroes, Hastings - all been a bit word-of-mouth, but the details we've found have been posted-up on the Message Board: many fine bands (including some of our friends) are gonna be there, so make an appearance before we all get too fucked-up!

25.04.06 Ok, Deano's doing the thing at Revolver, Hastings tonight (Tue), and if you don't go you're not in the know, so there. If you're feeling Midlands, there's a big Wrong Music night at the Custard Factory, Birmingham tomorrow (Wed 26th) with a selection of hard & soft centres. Most of the gigs down here are falling over the Mayday Bank Holiday Weekend, though, which is handy. On the Friday (28th Apr), The Flesh Happening are at the Engine Room, Brighton already, while here in Hastings, Regular John are supporting Kubicheck! and The Motorettes at the Brass Monkey. Saturday (29th Apr) brings Neil Young Day at Smugglers, Hastings, wherein all sorts of the great and the good do their favourites to help Alfie celebrate his birthday (see www.myspace.com/alfiebernardi ). Sunday (30th May) brings a Dirty Old Town promotion at Bar Luxor on Hastings Pier, with Elite and Midget Bardot playing live, plus djs.

18.04.06 Another fine weekend...then it's back to work, and tonight (Tue) it's Spirit Of Gravity at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, with Kay Grant, Minimal Impact and I'm Dr Bouyant playing; meanwhile, The Black Tulips and The Dead Kids are over at the Albert, Brighton, too. Wednesday (19th Apr) brings a benefit gig for the St Patrick's Trust homeless shelter: The Flesh Happening, La Frange, Pretty Tied Up, The Mighty Shanks, The Mekano Set and The Feelgood Floozies Can-Can Extraordinaire (the latter being an actual can-can dancing troupe, we hear) all appear at the Komedia, Brighton. Nb: got another Flesh Happening demo in the post this weekend, and it's the best stuff they've done so far, and what with Oliva promising a better set than their previous Brighton gig (which was so good that they've become our Reuben and Liam's favourite new band) this has gotta be worth your money. More Flesh Happening press can be found free in the current issues of The Source (Brighton) and The Organ (nationwide). And there's also Hot Roddy at the Betsey Trotwood up in Clerkenwell, on Thursday (20th Apr), to boot. Easy now.

12.04.06 The God Of Bank Holidays is smiling on us at last, so here's the plan. Good Friday (14th Apr): at some point in the day Alfie Bernardi (and quite probably a few more of our nearest and dearest) are getting some tunes in at The Street, Hastings; following which, get yourself round the corner to the Brass Monkey for the Reid Paley Trio (U.S.), Bone-Box (Manchester) and Rumiko Jr (the pub), and some proper country-rockin' action. Easter Saturday (15th Apr - is there such a thing as Easter Saturday, or are we just excited?) and you might as well stay in the Monkey, 'cos Ch3vy are presenting one of their Waxed nights, with live music from The A-Team (see 13.02.06 entry for the Dragon bar, below) who've now revealed themselves as television-nostalgia fetishists of the highest order. Make friends, influence people, egg!

10.04.06 Tomorrow (Tue) it's time for Deano and pals to do the strumming at Revolver, Hastings; whilst over in Brighton it's (the possible last for a while) Wrong Music at the Volks Tavern. It's Spring! It's snowing! We like!

05.04.06 Later this evening (Wednesday), Flying Marrows are on the bill at The Street, Hastings; while Alfie Bernardi performs with Simon Shaw and Josie Hope at The Standard, Rye. Thursday (6th Apr) brings Other Words open mic poetry & music at Bar Blue, St Leonards. Friday (7th Apr) sees the third Overkill event at the Elektrowerkz in Islington: for the devastating line-up see www.wrongmusic.com . Saturday (8th Apr) has a killer-duo of Gorilla and Regular John at Smugglers, Hastings; whilst Jonathan Martin has a full-band gig up on the West Hill at the Angel, Hastings. Finally, Alfie's also back at Smugglers, on Sunday (9th Apr). Phew.

03.04.03 Tonight (Monday) The Crayons have a gig at Harpers, Hastings, though there's been some to-ing and fro-ing there over the last week, and we can't even advise ringing before you go down 'cos last time anyone tried, the 'phone number was unavailable. Try your luck then, really.

27.03.06 Deano's due at Revolver, Hastings tomorrow (Tue 28th), with the current likelihood of Matt & Bonj from Regular John, amongst others, turning up for a few songs. On Friday (30th Mar), the now-frequently gigging The Flesh Happening turn up at The Ocean Rooms, Brighton; whilst over in Harpers, Hastings, Regular John host another full evening, with help from Deano, Rufus, Hayley and Adam. Please note that Rashamon's gig thios weekend at Ordio Enjinn, Islington has been postponed due to building-work or something. We've got to be up that way anyway for wedding-reception shenanigans, so if any Cockney Metrosexuals want to put us up for the weekend then give us a bell. We'd just like to thank Luke the cat for his assistance with typing this entry this morning (he seems to be trying to use his cold wet nose to hold down the Shift key at the moment...)

24.03.06 Unusual events if obscure places tomorrow (Sat 25th). Way out in Hitchin, The Flesh Happening play a place called Club 85. Hertfordshire will never have seen the like, and we know, 'cos we all spent far too long living there. Meanwhile, out in the sticks (but they're our sticks), it's Whatlington Festival time (presumably in some kind of Village Hall, but it's such a small place you'll probably be able to find the venue just by cocking an ear): Flying Marrows, Cove and Blackouts are all playing, which is a fine line-up. And then, up in Soho, there's some kind of special evening (Chicken Stock, we think it was called) at the Tatty Bogle Club: this is technically a members' club, but if you visit www.thetattybogle.net you'll be able to get sorted for the evening. Both Regular John and Rumiko Jr are playing, alongside loads of other acts (see details on that Tatty Bogle site: last time we looked the RJ bands weren't on the list, but trust us they're playing), short sets only, but there you go. If this all seems a bit rambling or the typing's gone awry, blame it on last night's excellent but late and drunk Gilded Palace Of Sin gig over in Brighton. Again Again!

20.03.06 It's a full week, starting tomorrow (Tue 21st) in Brighton, for Spirit Of Gravity at the Marlborough Theatre: the line-up is now Komuso, Miasmos and Ry-Om. The same night, The Flesh Happening get to the Luminaire in Kilburn, that city won't know what's hit them. Back in Brighton, Thursday (23rd March) brings a Gilded Palace Of Sin promotion, with Loose Recordings acts The Corb Lund Band (who my housemate Carrie heartily recommends) and Roger Dean Young & The Tin Cup at the Hanbury Ballroom, supported by our own Rumiko Jr, who are very excited, as you would be. Tickets are available from both the Rounder and Resident record shops in Brighton, though we're gonna try and pick some up on the door. As you can see above, there's gonna also be loads going on in different place at the weeknd, but we'll post more info about all that later in the week.

14.03.06 Deano's due down Revolver, Hastings again tonight (Tue), but apart from that it looks a bit quiet, at least until the weekend, when Rashamon supports Nathan Fake and Uneven Dots at Harpers, Hastings on Sat (18th Mar). We've failed to establish whether there's much in the way of advance tickets for this one, so maybe just turn up about 9 o'clock, or hope that they update their website www.club-apotheosis.com with the info (or try searching Myspace for the Harpers page, we think it's www.myspace.com/thatvenue ). Otherwise, the Dizzy Tiger Spring-Break is going nicely, thank-you, and we'll have the label running again from 1st April, probably, or maybe just when the clocks go forward.

10.03.06 Last-minute plans for the weekend: Tonight (Fri 10th) it's Wrong Music time at the Volks, Brighton; then on Saturday (11th Mar) Regular John, Analogical and Inhumayne are up in Heroes, Hastings (although the last time we reported a Regular John gig there, last week, we were wrong, and we got the wrong day for this one earlier, so approach anything you read on this site with caution); while Rumiko Jr have also got a gig, further down Havelock Road at Brass Monkey, the same night, so that's all good! See you there. Well, somewhere.

06.03.06 Tonight (Mon) at Harpers, Hastings, Canned Jam are playing, and the flyers helpfully list the band members (Jonathan Martin, Simon Shaw, Steve Dimitri and Colin Gibson on this occasion) if you're undecided or something. Then tomorrow (Tue 7th), Rashamon's got another gig (rescheduled) at the Fortune Of War, Brighton. Now, it shouldn't make a lot of difference at the moment, but the we've put the offline activities of Dizzy Tiger Music Co into a temporary suspension while a few things get sorted out energy-wise (translation: we're knackered): the websites will continue to operate, and orders for releases will still be taken and fulfilled, but otherwise we really need a pause-for-thought. Normal service will be resumed in a few days, weeks or months, as soon as we work out what we're doing. Any suggestions always welcome, of course,

01.03.06 And then it was Spring. Tomorrow (Thu 2nd), it's another Other Words open mic poetry/music event at Bar Blue, St Leonards, if you fancy a go. Friday (3rd Mar) brings a brace of bands at Heroes, Hastings: Brinkman, Noxious, Ripchord, My Dearest Enemy and, ooh, Regular John are on the flyers for it. But, as we're partly responsible for the booking, we recommend going up to the Electric Palace cinema, High Street, Hastings instead, for a rare showing of Chris Petit's excellent existential road-movie Radio On, to be introduced by Petit himself. It's a good weekend there, in fact, 'cos on the Sat and Sun (4th & 5th Mar) they've got Dig! (that Brian Jonestown Massacre/Dandy Warhols warts&all doc) showing, so if you've not been along there yet, it's gotta be time to try. See www.electricpalacecinema.com for more details.

28.02.06 It's Pancake Day, it's Pancake Day, it's PPPPPPPPPancake Day. The Brass Monkey, Hastings are gonna cash-in with a Mardi Gras night later today (Tue), with The Heaters, Mama Josie, and The Dwags playing (but probably no pancakes). Although, along at Revolver, Hastings, Deano's got his fortnightly session, though again, pancakes are probably not on offer.

19.02.06 Stop press: the Rashamon gig at Fortune Of War, Brighton tonight (Sun 19th) has been cancelled. The rest of the week should pan out as follows (nb: heavy Spirit Of Gravity-related bias: is no-one up to much in Hastings?) - Monday (20th Feb) brings a Litmus event at Enigma, Brighton, with Hot Roddy, Neuschul, Daddy and Clubfoot (a launch gig for Hot Roddy's Crust Mantle Core cdr on Litmus' label); Tuesday (21st Feb) is Spirit Of Gravity itself, at Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, with Hot Roddy again, Register, Faoi, and Permanent Bag System. The latter half of the week (Thu 23rd - Sat 25th) includes a Wrong Music tour of Ireland (the Leprechaun Error Tour - is this a good idea?), with Shitmat, Chevron, Ebola, The Gross Consumer and nwodtleM, visiting Cork, Dublin and Belfast. That Saturday (25th Feb) also includes an Ordio Enjinn gig at Offside Bar, Islington, with Hot Roddy (again - now he's moved to London we may see a lot more of these gigs), Michael Bunce and Summer Holiday (nb: Ordio Enjinn have recently released a compilation cd Devolution To The Frontline, featuring both Hot Roddy's Acapella and Rashamon's Every Home Becomes A Western, see www.ordioenjinn.com ). Normal service to be resumed next week.

17.02.06 Just a quick notice: The Heaters are at Harpers, Hastings tonight (Fri 17th), and at Stringbendys, Eastbourne tomorrow (Sat 18th); on which day The Flesh Happening are also playing the Ocean Rooms in Brighton. And a long-awaited update on the Passive-Aggressive site brings the news that Rashamon are at the Fortune Of War, Brighton on the Sun (19th Feb). That's all!

13.02.06 Alfie Bernardi's got a set down Smugglers, Hastings this evening (Mon); whilst The Heaters are way up in the Dublin Castle, Camden (Didn't check to see who they might be playing with though: could be worth a look anyway). Tomorrow (Tue 14th) is, of course, Valentine's Day: along at Revolver, Hastings Deano & Bonj will be supplying some live music, though Revolver have also booked in a pianist called Peter O'Donnell too, just in case the Rumiko songbook isn't romantic enough. Bonj says that further along George Street the same evening, Rufus, Paul Phillips, Billy and Matt Jukes will be playing suprising tunes at the Dragon Bar. We'd love to tell you what tunes, but you'll have more fun if you have no expectations, trust us. In an even-less loving-mood, it's also Wrong Music down at the Volks, Brighton: that could really make you sick. Kiss-kiss, kids!

06.02.06 Seen those flyers for Canned Jam at Smugglers, Hastings tonight? It's another of Jonathan Martin's groups, if you weren't sure. Uncertainty may be in the air this week. When Friday (10th Feb) comes, it's Regular John's birthday gig at Harpers, Hastings, where they'll be playing alongside Hayley Savage and Deano. Then on Saturday (11th Feb), still at Harpers, Rashamon and Same Actor appear for a Club Apotheosis night. Which co-incides nicely with the Dizzy Tiger release of Rashamon's The Power Of Hatred ep (DTMC15), featuring a remix by Hot Roddy (Same Actor's Chris, under his other name), so if you're planning on going along (and you should!) feel free to mail me and I'll bring a copy down for you (retailing at one pound, I reckon, or maybe a drink, eh?) Incidentally, a vague bit of Flying Marrows-related news: the boys Nat and Bill Lambie are taking part in a group photographic exhibition at St Mary In The Castle, Hastings throughout this month, so pop down (particularly on Thursdays, when they'll be stewarding) if you're free. I am!

01.02.06 Tomorrow (Thu 2nd) it's Other Words down at Bar Blue, St Leonards: we've billed it as an open-mic poetry/spoken word evening before, but in actuality it encompasses singer-songwriters, folk musicians, anyone who's passing and interested really. Maybe the key word is 'Open' then. And in the realm of the 'open', the London Musicians' Collective's radio art station Resonance FM is celebrating another 5-year extension of its licence, with the Resonance Lives event on Saturday (4th Feb) at the Conway Hall, Red Lion Square, London WC1 (from 7pm): performers include Hot Roddy, Jem Finer, Binray, Pocket, Superstrings, Alexander Wendt, Wiliam English, and, of course, 'special guests'. Listen online at www.resonancefm.com to pick up more details. For those of us down this end on Saturday, we recommend you might as well try and catch Clearlake this weekend after all (actually at Eastbourne's Underground Theatre, rather than down The Crypt, as reported below) to make up for last week's promotional cock-ups in Hastings. Or stay in, it's still cold!

30.01.06 Up in Tunbridge Wells this evening (Monday), The Crayons are on the bill at The Forum (www.twforum.co.uk), with Slightly Restrained and The Mockingbird Nightmare, if you're passing. Deano will hopefully have recovered from Tom Waits evening at Smugglers last Saturday (a load of alcoholics covering songs about alcohol written by a former alcoholic, in a pub frequented by alcoholics! What could go wrong?) in time for his stint at Revolver, Hastings tomorrow (Tue 31st); though he may be playing with Bonj, rather than Jim, this time, we think. See you there, hopefully.

27.01.06 Today seems to be the day most things are happening: In Brighton, The Flesh Happening are at the Engine Room, with The Mekano Set and Grizzly Giant. Here in Hastings you've got a choice of Alfie Bernardi doing a launch for his album at the Dragon Bar or Rufus Stone over at Harpers. There's conflicting info going about, but it looks like tonight's Clearlake/The Crayons gig at Brass Monkey, Hastings has been pulled. It may just be that Clearlake have cancelled, and the rest of the evening (also to feature our Reuben djing) will still be on: according to the Hastings Observer, Clearlake are supporting The Crimea on tour, and that tour happens to reach Hastings next weekend (Sat 4th Feb, in fact, with Cadence too - not Seb's old project, but the other Hastings band), so they're gonna hold-off and play that gig, instead of two gigs in town (this tallies with www.hastingslive.com too). Not sure that a group featuring ex-members of The Crocketts can be any good, but for Clearlake themselves, that Crypt gig still counts as recommended. Oh anyway, if you're actually in Finland (not likely to be reading this then!), Shitmat's playing at some event called Katharsis, in Helsinki. Something for everyone, then.

24.01.06 Rashamon play this month's Spirit Of Gravity event tonight (Tue), at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, with nwodtleM and Terror Wogan (previously billed as Atari Wogan..) - sounds fun!

16.01.06 Things are quietening down temporarily, but there's a couple of low-key gigs in Hastings tomorrow if you're up for them. At Revolver, Deano & Jim do their country thing, whilst just along in Harpers, it's indiepop acousticness from Sellophane Sun. Otherwise, be thankful for the chance of a few days rest and recuperation, 'cos there's plenty of work to do soon...

11.01.06 Tomorrow (Thu 12th) sees the first Listen event, down at The Rooms,Western Road, St Leonards (see www.therooms.org.uk ), a new acoustic evening featuring Zoe Konez (who organises), Tim Hoyte and Daniel Boyle. For those of a noisier disposition, The Heaters (hopefully less blues-based than Monday's gig - their site is www.the-heaters.moonfruit.com if you wanna look), Regular John and Blind Image (new to us..) are all at Smugglers, Hastings the next day (ooh, Friday 13th). For those of an even noisier disposition, try heading up to Electrowerkz, Islington, London that evening instead, for Bang Face XXVIII - A Rave Opera, and a killer line-up of both Shitmat and Slipmatt (that could confuse some of the old-skool massive), alongside many others including Depth Charge, Hellfish and Cylob, so that's gonna be great (see www.bangface.com for details). The next day (Sat 14th), back in Hastings, Regular John play again, this time at The Tubman with Noxious, which could be storming, bearing in mind the size of the pub. See you there, for definite.

09.01.06 It seems fair enough to start mentioning the occasional gig by The Heaters on this site: first up the're playing at the Hastings Arms (yes, in Hastings, in the Old Town) tonight (Mon 9th), though this is as part of that pub's regular Monday blues evenings (called, and you may be there before us, Blue Monday), so not sure how this will square with their skinny-jeaned urch-rock sound. Sure they'll have a plan though. At completely the other end of the scene, it's Wrong Music time at the Volks, Brighton tomorrow (10th Jan). Loads of new and interesting stuff later this week as well, but AOL's such a pain in the arse that it'll have to wait 'til we're by a more reasonable computer (ie where you can see more than half the bloody screen at once) before that gets updated. Huh.

04.01.06 A couple of quickies: tomorrow (Thu 5th) is the return of Other Words, the long-running open-mike poetry event, now down in the hazy surroundings of Bar Blue in St Leonards. Whether you have something to say or not, we hope you get a chance to pop by in support of those brave enough to expose their thoughts without even an instrument to shelter behind - it'll be grand, and all are welcome. Also, this Saturday (6th Jan) you might as well come along to Smugglers, Hastings and celebrate the birthdays of several movers-and-shakers of the scene: some quality musical turns are surely guaranteed. Get with it!



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