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One of the most useful things this site can do is direct you through to the sites of other musicians, labels etc. The following links (if they work...) will bring you to various websites run by, or containing further information about, some of the artists we've worked with before in various capacities, or maybe they're just people we like. You'll find many photos, mp3s etc that a site like this Dizzy Tiger one doesn't have the capacity to hold, so get with it.


Burn Burn Burn

The Crayons

The Flesh Happening

Flying Marrows

Good Morning Captain

Hot Roddy/Same Actor/Remote

Tim Hoyte

Jonathan Martin

Minimal Impact


Regular John

Rumiko Jr/Donkey Kong Jr




Kim Wan

To save searching too far, here's a summary of URLs that've been appearing elsewhere on the site...


The Black Tulips

Bronco Bullfrog  

The Chap



The Heaters



Madeline Milla  




October All Over

Tom Palmer

The Phobics

The Pipettes

10.5 Neuton


Tim Williams


Bip-Hop (Same Actor etc)

Bluefire Music (Snakebite City compilations)

Catskills (Ch3vy etc)

Effortless (10.5 Neuton)

Fire Records (Delicate AWOL etc)

Galaxy Records (Noxious, Ripchord etc)

Here's My Card Records (Shitmat, Hot Roddy etc)

Highpoint Lowlife (Rashamon etc)

Izumi (Simon Skinner's Eastbourne-based label)

Mid March (Good Morning Captain etc)

Planet Mu (Shitmat/Urban Myth etc)

Rock Indiana (Bronco Bullfrog, Rumiko Jr etc)

Saltpeter (Salena Saliva)

Spinach Records (Malowski etc)

West Pier Records (Mudlow etc)

Where It's At Is Where You Are (Maidenhead's finest!)

Wilde Club (Flex etc)


All Tomorrow's Parties, Camber Sands

Bang Face ("The birth of Neo-Rave", Islington)

Black Horse Festival (folk/world etc, Telham, nr Hastings)

Club Apotheosis/Harpers (Hastings bar/venue)

Don't Feed The Poets/ Word About Town Festival (literary events)

East Magazine (Eastbourne listings)

The Fly (UK listings & magazine)

General UK gigs

Green Man Festival, Powys

Hastings gigs (Brass Monkey, The Crypt)

Hastings Beer & Music Festival

Litmus (Brighton electronic collective)

Mad March Fayre (Hastings Pier event)

Not The Same Old Blues Crap (promoters)

Ordio Enjinn (club, London)

Placard (London Headphone Festival)

The Secret Garden (festival, Cambs.)

Silver Rocket (club, London)

Spirit Of Gravity (Brighton electronic collective)

Sprawl (electronic club, London)

The Tatty Bogle (venue, Soho)

Tunbridge Wells Forum (venue)

Ultimate Alternative (Hastings area gigs)

Unscene (Hastings gig promoters)

Wrong Music (noisy Brighton electronics)


Mrs Yarrington's Music Emporium (local, Hastings, music)

Pop Madrid (Spanish labels)

Post Everything (electronic)

Vinyl Magic 3 (Italian labels)


8 Bit Records (electronic)

Totally Radio (Brighton internet radio)


Americana UK


Fotolog (photos, Spain)

The Original Sin

Pop And Soul (photos, Spain)

Stylus magazine


The Artchive (general arts info, theory etc)



Depravikazi (promo page for Oliva Spleen's novel)

Disasters Emergency Committee (fundraising)

Electric Palace (independent Hastings cinema)

Gritti Palace, Hastings Pier (venue)

Hastings Observer (newspaper)

Ottakers Bookshop (Hastings branch)

Resonance FM (London Musicians' Collective radio art station)

The Rooms, St Leonards (venue)

Running Water Publications (O.Spleen etc)

The Wire (magazine)


The Internet Archive (This invaluable resource makes accessible the following offline sites, just enter the URLs in the search engine. nb: some searching through the archived dates may be necessary to bring the sites up, rather than just the domain name registrations etc. The old Coastline Records site is in there, we've added a short cut below, but you can also find The Candys , Monkey 7 and Toyskin plus many more. If, however, you are viewing this Dizzy Tiger website from within the Internet Archive itself at the moment, these old URLs should function as standard links)

Coastline Records website (archived)

Although not all the Coastline website was saved, some pages that are not directly accessible via the link above may be accessed by a more systematic search of the files that The Internet Archive did capture.

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