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This is the border country, stuff about bands we've done the occasional gig with, included a track on a compilation by, or just vaguely been involved with. The checklist of festivals and gigs we've put on contextualises some of it. The discographies are a deliberately incomplete, personal selection of bits and pieces we've come across, as always there are some links to point you further in certain directions where possible.

Ridding Festival, Club Coastline etc.

Ridding '95 (Catsfield 19.08.95): Barleymow, Shinecello, 5 Mile Island, Clare & Greg, The Ital Jets, Scout.

Ridding '96 (Catsfield 07.09.96): Catnip, Rachel Fisher, Pants, Muggawug, Strychnine, Scout, Valkyrie, The Ital Jets, X-Ether, Conditioner.

Ridding '97 (Catsfield 26.07.97): Scout, Chrome Yellow, Rachel Fisher, Tinkerbell, The Crayons, Shinecello, The Ital Jets, Azatzl, Catnip.

Ridding '99 (Catsfield 31.07.99): Autojoy, Some Wankers, The (Chemical) Raising Agents, Ellen Cherry, The Ital Jets, Azatzl, The HAMMS, Toyskin, The Crayons.

Hastings HIV&AIDS Support benefit (Fubar, Hastings 19.01.00): S/W, Ellen Cherry, The Ital Jets, Azatzl, Oliva Spleen.

Club Coastline (Fubar, Hastings): The Crayons 10.05.00, (DJs only 24.05.00), Flex 31.05.00, Azatzl 07.06.00, Selena Saliva & the P.C. Collective/ Oliva Spleen 21.06.00, DdB 05.07.00, Open mike night 19.07.00, The Crayons (single launch) 26.07.00, Open mike night 02.08.00, Monkey 7/ Monkey 09.08.00, Delicate AWOL/ Understudy 30.08.00, Monkey 7/ Monkey 13.09.00, (DJs only, cancellation by The Retro Jets 27.09.00), (DJs only 04.10.00), Mama Josie & the Alleycats 18.10.00, The Phobics 25.10.00, The Uninvited/ Malowski 22.11.00.

Shambolica (Fubar, Hastings 15.07.01): Trophy Wife, Donkey Kong Jr, Ellen Cherry, Oliva Spleen, Azatzl, Shinecello, Duplo. 

Bits and Pieces

Tim Hoyte - The Nothing Machine (cdr 2003): Taking Your Time, Amelie (The World's Not Round), Gypsy, Heaven Is Far From Here, October Friend, Hole In The Ground, Nothing Machine, Waving Goodbye, Mahogony Skies. This album came originally in a black and white sleeve; the subsequent pressing in a colour sleeve features two uncredited bonus tracks from the same recording sessions. See .

Verlaine - Demo 001 (cassette VERL001 2001): Overdrive, Triumphant, Laura, plus three covers.

Madeline Milla has so far released three cd albums: Madeline Milla, Till The Sun Comes Up and Working Girl, see . She also plays in the Brighton band Alaska (nb: not the Alaska who appeared on the Closer cdr mentioned below).

The original line-up of Donkey Kong Jr included Bill Lambie on bass and vocals. Bill and his brother Nat play together currently as The Flying Marrows, and have issued two mini-albums: Flown The Roost and As The Marrows Fly (cdr 2002), see .

Rumiko Jr drummer Bill Darlington's primary band is the heavy riffing trio Gorilla ( ), who've released two albums so far, Gorilla (20001) and Gimme Some Gorilla (Beard Of Stars BOSCD40 lp/cd 2004), as well as a handful of singles (including a 2004 split 7" with OJM on Beard Of Stars, and an earlier compilation 10" EP). Most of these are available from the Italian site ). During the late 90's Bill played with the group Catnip, who had at least a couple of cdr demos going around: one studio album (12 tracks) and one live set (at Biggin Hill, 02/08/93, 7 tracks). Catnip's Bill and Jamie Tarrant also appeared on a 7" single credited to Vibraphone - Someone's Stolen My Feet/ I Wonder Why (Guerssen Records GuessSG002 1996?), the line-up was completed by Chris Jordan (Pugwash) and Louis Wiggett (Bronco Bullfrog). Yet another Catnip member Paul Phillips now performs as a solo artist, but also put in a stint with Steadman (post- The Dharmas), and, way-back in the mists of time, The Pooh Sticks (if that's not him on my Trade Mark Of Quality lp, I'll eat Mitchell's Pooh Sticks sweet watch).

Louis Wiggett went on to play with psych-heads Bronco Bullfrog ( , who were instrumental in getting Rumiko Jr a deal with the Rock Indiana label. Their discography includes a cd single One Day With Melody Love (Together Records TOGCD001 2001) and several albums: Bronco Bullfrog (Twist Records CDBIG13 1998, reissued on Mushroom Pillow Records MPCD014 2002 and as a shorter vinyl pressing MPLP001 2000), Seventhirtyeight (Twist CDBIG17 2000, reissued Mushroom Pillow  MP015 cd 2002), The Sidelong Glances Of A Pigeon Kicker (Mushroom Pillow MP009 lp/cd 2002), Emporium Days (Together TOGCDLP001 2003, reissued on Rock Indiana cd 2005), and Oak Apple Day (Rock Indiana CINDI179 cd 2004). In 2004 the Revola label released a cd compilation of highlights from these albums, What People Did Before TV (CRREV63).

Miscellaneous releases from bands at Club Coastline: Ddb - Make Up/Disappointed cdr; Delicate AWOL - on Day Release Records several singles (Random Blinking Lights cd, Belisha 7" as Forty Shades Of Black, Hurray For Sugar 7", Driesh EP cd, In A City Of....I Saw Your Face First cd as part of Four Seasons Singles Club box-set) and Our Genome lp/cd album, followed by a 12" EP Time And Motion Studies and cd album Heart Drops From The Great Space on Fire Records ( ); Flex - Tracer 7" on Wilde Club Records ( ); Malowski ( )- The Resistance EP (cd), Geraniums (7") and Come Back At Ten EP (cd) on Spinach Records ( ); Monkey 7 - The Snowy Peaks 7" on Anvil  Records, and The Set (9 track cdr demo); The Phobics ( )- Terminal EP (Lipstick, Queen Of Ice, Sometimes, Terminal); The Retrojets - The Other Side Of Midnight 3-track cdr demo, 20 no'd copies (title track, Flower Angel, See You Smile) (nb: The Retrojets gig was cancelled, although guitarist Jim appeared on The Boy From Tomorrow's track on Coastline's Drowning By The Sea compilation); Salena Saliva & The PC Collective ( )- Egg Yolk Planet Fried cd album; The Uninvited - demo cdr (Glitterball, Insomniac Arrest, Meet Your Maker, Resurrected).

Shinecello - Dicwilclif (cassette 1995): Brand New Day, Eye Know, Ma Song, Big Love, Superstars, My Mistress Is Home?, Beerstop, I Wanna Be Morph, Drunken Child, Sky & Razzle, Unsure, I Want To Play/Oh Go On, Friends Do, Beer Stop #2, Elixir 63. Eye Know was included on the cassette compilation Vermilion (Bliss 011/ Grapefruit 10 1995) . Later Shinecello drummer Darren formed Lowgold with Miles on bass. So far, they have issued two albums; Just Backwards Of Square (Nude 2001) and Welcome To Winners (Sanctuary 2003). Being on large-ish national labels, each album was promoted by a bunch of singles: Nude issued The 108 EP, Beauty Dies Young (released twice), Mercury and Counterfeit; whereas Sanctuary put out We Don't Have Much Time (release actually cancelled after copies appeared in the shops) and The Same Way. The various B-sides (cover-versions excepted) are compiled on a 2-cd odds-and-ends compilation Keep Music Miserable, on the bands own Dedted Records (2005). See . Lowgold also featured Dan from the band Quadpeace, who issued the cassette Never Be The Same (007MC 1994) and played several gigs with Shinecello.

Miles currently plays with Good Morning Captain ( ) Their first cdr came in a wooden sleeve (tracks now downloadable on their website); their second 4-song cdr (The Captain Speaks, Sova, Childhood Pets, Nodsignal) was put out in a monochrome card sleeve. In early 2005, this was repressed in a new colour sleeve with inserts, and sold through some Brighton records shops, eg Rounders and Edgeworld. Their track A Fire! Oh Boy! appears on a shared 7" (MMR005, 2005) in a wooden sleeve again, on the Mid March label with Jacobs Stories; see .

A third band from the same college as Shinecello and Quadpeace, and ourselves, was Matt Collins' Ventral, who issued a cassette Sloth (VENC1 1994), and later an album Strap Atom for Seriously Groovy Music. A Seriously Groovy promotional cd called Cafeteria (LLL1021CD 1995) featured the Ventral track Nichrome, as well as the track Big Merchant by Hastings band Smiling Hybrid, members of whom later formed Azatzl (Also features The Odd Couple, The Hypocrites, Inhaler, Hero's For Sale, APCG, Pants, The Low, Curious Oyster).

Azatzl - Kings Church/ Guidance - A Galilee Daydream (Double Plus 7" DPLUS03 1998). The promo cdr Closer features the Azatzl track Somesutch, plus tracks from Chinchilla and Alaska. Russel and original Azatzl drummer Michael were subsequently in the band Castro who gave out a 5 track cdr demo at early gigs, and then issued further songs on a handful of compilations; The Future Is Boring (BORED001, cdr, 2003) features the track Army Of Flags, and comes with issue 1 of Totally Bored fanzine (Also features Remote, The Drought, Stuart Flynn & the Dirty Cakes, The Customers, Pig, The Chap, Mo Pager, Hairy Butter, Hungry Hamilton, Monster Bobby, Robin of Loxley and Nome, Meets Guitar, Boep, The Tenderfoot, Cove, The Fortress of Ultimate Darkness, They Came From The Stars (I Saw Them)). SR50 (Stupid Cat SCAT011, double cd, 2004) features the Castro track Blow Out and forty-nine other fine bands (Joeyfat, Stanton, Ship's a Going Down, These Hands, Macrocosmica, Spraydog, Torgas Valley Reds, KaitO, Help She Can't Swim, Todd, The Rock Of Travolta, The Scaramanga Six, Pfaff, Lords, Fixit Kid, Part Chimp, Beachbuggy, Querelle, The Edmund Fitzgerald, Cove, Los Planetos Del Agua, Youthmovie Soundtrack Strategies, Reynolds, Drop Bear, Jullander, Audiowhore, Weevil vs Swedish Chef, Princess Headbutt, Jet Johnson, Mercedes, Prague, Tempertwig, Radio Stoke, Magoo, Les Flames!, Pilot To Gunner, Team, Oil Red O, Montana Pete, Revernd Pike, Twinkie, Hyper Kinako, DJ Downfall, AnnArbor, MJ Hibbert, William E Whitmore, Econoline, Wolves! (Of Greece), Hey! Colossus); I think they made it onto a compilation put out through the Freebutt too, but haven't confirmed this yet.

Volunteers are Brighton-based, and are formed by most of the personnel behind Azatzl and Ellen Cherry, with a 5 track EP ready to go.

Axis Deer is an alias of Michael Rivers (Azatzl, Tinkerbell, The (Chemical) Raising Agents, Castro), under which name he has released two cassette albums of guitar explorations; Milo Stein and Holinsky (2002). Highlights from these two albums were collected onto the Dizzy Tiger cd album Dc (DTMC10 2005).

Both Toyskin and The Crayons played a few gigs for us, and were ahead of the game compared to many other Hastings bands for a while. Two singles were issued: Toyskin - Prize Every Time/ The Crayons - Heavenly Beverly (Bumper Car 7" BUMP1 1998) and The Crayons - The Pink & Blue EP (Bumper Car 7" BUMP02 2000): You're Not A Child Anymore, Slow Down, The Gang, Stranger Than Me. Toyskin also issued three cdr albums: I Want To Turn Left (TOYBUMP1 1999), 5 Days In A Renault 5 (TOYBUMP2 1999) and Lucy Button (TOYBUMP3 2000). They were included on Coastline's abandoned A Sampler cdr release (STER17 2000) after submitting a two track promo cdr of Launch Out Loud (the A Mere Droid mix from Lucy Button, and the International Sinclair mix by Ted In Canada), the latter mix appeared on the cdr, and later on the Trains Across The Sea cassette (STER25 2001), by which time they seemed to have forgotten donating a track, oops. Toyskin also appeared on two Bliss compilation cassettes; Volume 83 featured Ambition:Safe Area (Also features Fernando, Make A Wish, Goodnite Moon, The Spanish Amanda, Loomer, Pope John Paul The Third, The Cosmic Void, The Flashing Astonishers), and Volume 84 featured One Small Dial and Paint Cassette (all three tracks from I Want To Turn Left) (Also features Mr Quimby's Beard, Echo Is Your Love, Sweet Venus, Hiroshima Mon Amour, Mir, The Far Things, Idiom): see . Toyskin later became part of the Derby-based group A Series Of Wheels and ran the Octane Foil Recording Company.

The Crayons also donated the track My Last Rolo to the cd compilation Snakebite City Eight (BLU12 1998) (Also features Vis The Spoon, Aqua Vista, Action Spectacular, Drugstore, Pala, Co-Star, Mogul, Anorak Girl, The Scrutineers, Agebaby, Seafood, The Beatmolls, Jonas, Dee-Licious, Kenobi, Torture Orchestra, Beaker, Twinkie, Crackout, Nimbus, Cherry X, Winner), see . They can now be visited at , and have released their cdr album, Nightime Daytime Nightime, (BUMP04, 2005). Incidentally, Snakebite City Nine (BLU15 1999) featured Fake by Salena Saliva (Also features Lunch, Scribble, Kilter, The Samurai Seven, Holy Roman Empire, Nebula, Dreyfuss, Twist, The Beatmolls, Action Heroes, Vow, Goldfish Kiss, Twister, The Saffs, Vis The Spoon, The Flying Medallions, The Duvals, Winner, @tomika, Gertrude, The Secret Hairdresser). Her Saltpetre 1 (TNTCD1 1999) poetry cd compilation contained Oliva Spleen performing Formaldehyde, Thalidomide, Hermaphrodite. (Also features Nick Constance, Roxanne Escobales, Paul Birtill, Joseph Rye, Trudy Blake, Fran Landesman, Seni Seneviratne, Jock Scot, Cheryl B, John Cooper Clarke, Ivan Penaluna, Tim Turnbull, Tim Wells, Bette O'Callaghan, Joe Ross, Jack Phillips Lowe, John Siddique, Martin Newell, Charley Marlowe, Jenny Wren, A.D. Winans, Paul Lyalls, Joe Asser, Francesca Beard).

Ollie then formed a Brighton-based band The Flesh Happening ( ), who released a 5-song cdr (He Hit Me And It Felt Like A Kiss, Shit On Me, Just A Dream, I Like Nuns, Disaffected), but split. The group have since reformed with a largely new line-up and harder sound and attitude, with another 5-song cdr (Kamikaze, Anal Joy (fast), Shit On Me, The De Sade Suite, Bleed).

Two other compilation cds featured more tracks by these bands, all in different versions to those previously mentioned. Boiling Over (Stolen Records SRLCDA0010 1998) included Stranger Than Me by The Crayons, One Small Dial by Toyskin, Requiem For A Killer by Azatzl, and two tracks, Fine and New Epic, by My Astro Lover (Also features Return To Zero, Herbal Love, Go Bear! Go!, The Bushmen, Octopus, Flood & Thunder, Habit, Flex, 78 Speedway, Dean Albutt, Piston Broke, Swivle Eye Jed and his Kissin Cousins). My Astro Lover managed a few releases, though I've only got firm confirmation of a self-titled cassette (tracklisting: Astro Love, Money Maker, UFO, Bank Holiday Romantic, 80 SR, Rocket Boy). According to contemporary issues of Hastings listings magazine Ultimate Alternative ( ), there was a single Money Maker, and an album Transmissons, this also being plugged in defunct music monthly Select; if they were released, cdr format seems most likely. Later, they developed into The Candys and released two cd singles, Monitor Rock (Candydisk 2002) and Queen Of Perfection (Boss Music 2002); and then, via The Eighty-Eights and Disaster Plan B, into Burn Burn Burn. Crucially, members of this band ran the excellent Audiocandy club nights on Thursdays at Brass Monkey (formerly Fubar, formerly Rockwells), Havelock Road, Hastings, bringing many fine bands to the town. There seems to have been one or two Burn Burn Burn cdr demos doing the rounds, but their debut release proper is Single Number One (The Weekends Ashes/World Shut Your Mouth - yes, the Julian Cope song), available on 7" with a free cdr version of both tracks included.

Underground Music Vol 1 (Medium Moose UGMCCDV01 1998) included Kings Church by Azatzl, I Sold Florida by Toyskin, Never Seen A Girl by Sophie Sledgehammer (who developed from the bands Pants and Tinkerbell, and issued a cdr If I Had A Broom), as well as The Wheel And The River by Harvey Summers (Also features The Dharmas, Alamala,, The Bushmen, Big Aura, Cage Theory, Evil Moisture, Full Circle, Iguanahead, Indian Warclub, Left For Dead, Truce, XL, Mike and Harry, Weazel, Box Of Monkeys, Ordinary Men, Special Guests). Harvey was a schoolfriend of Duplo; as well as having a hand in preparing these cds, he has a succeful career in soundtrack and new age music, amongst other styles. The first of his many commercially available releases was arguably The Tempest, credited to Harvey-Lee Summers, and issued on cassette in 1990 whilst he was still at school, with sleeve art by Daniel of Duplo.

A further compilation cd, 1066 Compilation 2000 (LCD247001 2000), features more professional (in the literal sense) musicians. It comes into our list for featuring Box by Madeline Milla, and Night Before Blues by Mama Josie & The Alleykatz (who included Alfie of Donkey Kong Jr, and Gez of 10 5 Neuton, ). (Also features Steadman, Joe's Blooze Band, Jez Fielder, The Tabs, Mookie, Donna Terenzi, Stevie Zee Band, Finnegans Wake, Liane Carroll, The Basement 31, Pass The Cat, White Visitation, Tom Palmer, High Wire Walkers, Claire Hamill). Mama Josie has had several cdrs issued in the last few years (starting with a 5-song cdr ep Buttered Muffins); whilst 10 5 Neuton managed three singles (Disconnected 7", Relative To The Observer 10" and Indian Rope Trick 12", all on their own Effortless label ) and a John Peel session (9th June 1999) before they split.

The Snakeskin Jacket 2 dvd-r (2004) contains several bonus features, including Star Wars (Ital Jets-era Dean and Dan playing some of their favourite themes on guitar) and Man Of Constant Sorrow (more recent footage of Dean leading a singalong down Harpers. There are also several Easter Eggs, accessed as follows: 1) Select Main menu (Play is highlighted), press up, Gary Comber's eyes (second forom right) are highlighted, press Enter for 53sec interview with a young Gary. 2) Select 1st Extras Menu (Raw Footage is highlighted), press right, Mark Richards' eyes (left) are highlighted, press Enter for 54sec film clip (a non-pornographic extract from a porn film that Mark lifted for a link in the main skate film). 3) Select 1st Extras Menu (Raw Footage is highlighted), press right twice, Julian Wallinger's badge (middle) is highlighted, press Enter for 4'19secs of extra unedited footage from the main skate film. 4) Select 2nd Extras Menu (Warning Intro Test Edit is highlighted), press right, Ben Davies' sunglasses (left) are highlighted, press Enter for 6'38secs of Elvis Kn'elvis and the Real Vegas Players (a Hallowe'en 1999 gig at Fubar in Hastings featuring Chris Jordan - vocals, Simon Ham - bass, Paul Phillips - guitar, Jo Brooks - keyboard and Bill Darlington - drums).

Donkey Kong Jr's debut release, the More Than One Way Of Drowning EP on Coastline, was mixed in 2001 by Si Ham. He also remixed the EP track Crowleys Estate, which eventually appeared on the Passive-Aggressive compilation cdr This Window Only Opens Halfway (AGGRO07), credited to Rumiko Jr, in 2005. With Matt Jukes, Si is now in Ch3vy ( ), whose debut 12" EP Fur Coat No Knickers (oh dear...) was released in 2005 on the Catskills:Projects label ( )(CATP005. Tracks: Praize The Nord, Rock Me Mumma, After Party, 83 Functions). A follow-up single Hard Massage was released later the same year.

Alfie Bernardi played with several groups including Donkey Kong Jr (he appears on their More Than One Way Of Drowning and Broken Down Whiskey Sound releases), Mama Josie & The Alleykatz, Eight Miles High, and others. His debut solo album Stranger (Toot Records 001, 2005, cdr) sees him backed by many members of these groups and others (the cast runs as follows: Russell Field, Josie Hope, Paul Phillips, Rufus Stone, Jo Brooks, Greg Mulhearn, Dean Adams, Jamie Tarrant, Gez Donnelly, Mandie B, Mark Brown - you can try and place them in their respective bands yourself: it's a fun quiz!)

Duff Parker is a recording name of Thorsten Sideb0ard, who also runs the Highpoint Lowlife label. Thorsten has also contributed a track to Sixty Minutes - Our Hour, a sixty-band compilation cd on Where It's At Is Where You Are (Wiacd 009, 2004) (Also features The Chemistry Experiment, ML, Role Model, Komatrohn, Piney Gir, Action Biker, Exmaark, Dalia, Airport Girl, Millie Brown, Turquoise, The Woodster, Nixon, The Bobby McGees, Doug Shepherd, Dreams Of Tall Buildings, Ward, Destroying Something Beautiful, Meme, MC Lars, B.E.A.R., Psapp, The Low Stakes, Frankie Machine, The Swedish Chef, Sno, Meme vs Xan, Free Loan Investments, Meme & Tome, Krafla, Ocular Sinister, Guitare Brothers, The Winter Sleep, Since We Were 5, The Pragmatics, Breadfoot, Class, Buckingham Palace, The Mor Paranoids, Sportique, Sunnyvale Noise Sub-Element, Motormark, The Guy Who Invented Fire, Reincarntionfish, MJ Hibbert, The Seven Inches, Full Crumb, Monica S Keubler, The Capstan Shafts, The Kurtz Experiment, The Cut Outs, Hello How Are You?, Colossus Of Rhodes, Naked Casino, Maz Plant Out, The Divorcees, Jentulman, Michael Todd, Geography Of Nowhere).

Spirit Of Gravity mainstay Chris Cook has performed music and released, at last count, 10 cdrs under various names, including Remote, Hot Roddy and Same Actor. See for the lowdown, and ordering details. He has recently release a single, Pessimism, as Hot Roddy on the conceptually-perfect Here's My Card Records (HMCR UK005, shaped 3"cdr, 2005)  .There's also a Same Actor album, Sharp Edges, out now on Bip Hop ).

Even Chris' output pales beneath the mountain of music issued by fellow Spirit Of Gravity member Minimal Impact. As well as a handful of appearances on Dizzy Tiger (most notably contributing The Day I Met The Cosmonauts to one side of A Cassette Pair #3, DTMC11 2005) his site at reveals a frightening list of cdrs, cassettes and vinyl dating back in various forms all the way to 1980, much of it available to download. Steve's current Minimal Impact guise are currently on their sixth studio album, again available to order through the site.

The other side of A Cassette Pair #3 was Hollyoaks Starts At 6:30, by Shitmat. . Shitmat appeared on many singles and compilations in a few short years, and released two full albums (Killababylonkutz and Full English Breakfast) on Planet Mu records. The man Henry Collins records under several aliases and with other groups: including Urban Myth, whose Live At Friends Meeting House album (with Steve Beresford) was also issued on Planet Mu; and Nathan Williams & Justin Worts, who put out the album Recorded In Rubin's Attic on Rashamon's Passive-Aggressive label.

Duncan Pearce started out recording and performing in the EBM outfit Sex Danse Regime, who were gigging and recording partners with Duplo, way back in Bexhill college at the start of the 90's. Coastline included a track Your Silence (recorded by Duncan and Duplo's Paul) on their first compilation, under the abbreviated name SDR, without seeking Duncan's permission, ahem. Anyway, he's finally got round to putting out some of his own music under his own name on the 2004 cdr album Heaven In Narrow Streets, though Duncan is now pursuing a more Durtro-folk direction.

Hastings rock group Regular John are young men with a background as gig-goers and band-members from the turn of the century Fubar scene (well, makes sense to me). They self-released the cdr EP One (2005) with the tracks Timber Dollars, Sucker Punch, 6's & 7's, Hyeshin, before joining-up with Dizzy Tiger for the ep Defeat All Tigers (The Rock Lane Tapes)(DTMC14 2005).  . Both Hyeshin and Sucker Punch reappear on the compilation cd H.U.M.A.N. - Action Thru Music (a fundraiser for SEAfund Trust and FRIEND Animal Sanctuary, 2005), as does The Crayons' The Exhibitionist (from their Nightime, Daytime, Nightime album). (Also features The Drive-By Artists, Zucchini, 24 Hours Notice, The Sendoff, Natalie's Box, Fleeing From Finales, Analogical, Organised Confusion, The Red Shift, As Perfect As You, The Heaters, King Bathmat, Age Of Reason). Regular John pressed-up a handful of stickered cdr promos for All Tomorrow's Parties 2006, featuring I Can Count Hostages, Witch Doctor (both from Defeat All Tigers) and a new studio version of Twenty Six (also on

Emma Darling is the performing name of Emma Stace, who's recordings include the 2002 cdr EP From The Blue Cafe (Blue Cafe, Hazy, You Should Let Down Your Hair, Found).

Jonathan Martin has recorded a Hastings All Stars-assisted album This Is Only Me (2005) for forthcoming release. A cdr EP is available to promote it, featuring the tracks Take A Moment Out Of Your Day, (Don't Ever Let Them) Burst Your Bubble, Don't Let It Slip Away. .