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Rashamon. Stendec. Scout.


New album: Frightened By The Familiar (Passive-Aggressive AGGRO08) released Sep 2005. Tracklisting: A Keen Sense Of Doubt In The Waking Day, Every Home Becomes A Western, Mates To Some Pilgrim, Mock Shouting, Plane As Ya Honey, Summer In A Box, The Sex Has Been Great But Now We're Both Fucked, Giant, Finland After '73, Goodnight Nobody. Available on digipack cd from , and selected Brighton record shops. Mates To Some Pilgrim and Giant are new versions of previously released tracks.

Two new tracks (Alone Before Our Time and Stones In The Decay) from the Frightened By The Familiar sessions have gone online at , and a third, Plane As Ya Honey, is broadcast on Show 51 of the Spirit Of Gravity programmes on Totally Radio .

Live reviews: Po Na Na, Brighton, Oct 2003 Spirit Of Gravity, Freebutt, Brighton, 18th Nov 2003

Windo Loca / (Forgotten) Sherpa Folk Song (Highpoint Lowlife hpll008): Released 2nd Dec 2004, ltd ed 300 7"s (Originally scheduled as an EP release, titled Tomorrow, People). Review link: . There are some downloadable remixes of a third track, Mates To Some Pilgrim, from other Highpoint Lowlife acts at (nb: the Si-cut.db mix from this download EP was originally accessible online through the site of online store Post-Everything:  : Highpoint Lowlife newsletter 13th July 2004.) Tracklisting: Mates To Some Pilgrim (original mix), (Fisk Industries mix), (Motion mix one), (Motion mix two), (Si-cut.db mix), (Duff Parker remix).


Drowning By The Sea (Coastline STER16, 2001) cassette, inc: Stendec - Winterval.

Trains Across The Sea (Coastline STER25, 2001) cassette, inc: Stendec - Kikuchiyo (promo version).

The Spirit Of Gravity Vol 2 (2002) cdr inc. Stendec - Assault Mode (from Clubsunday EP). This track also appeared on a shorter, blank cdr sampler of Spirit Of Gravity acts (*) drawn from the original, longer Vol 2 release (2003). (Also features Minimal Impact*, Req, Waxed Apple*, Zug Island*, Remote*, Urban Myth, Electric Lifeform, Shitmat*, Monster Bobby, Product.01, Malevich*, McCloud, Feline Dream).

Spirit Of Gravity Vol 3 (2003) cdr inc. Rashamon - Spirit Of Gravity. All the acts featured on this compilation took Spirit Of Gravity as the title of their track to work on. (Also features Multiplex, Waxed Apple, Remote, Malevich, Shitmat, Minimal Impact).

The Top Thirty (Dizzy Tiger Music Co DTMC06, 2004) cassette, inc: Rashamon - Kerry San Dever (remix), Si Loop Tinsel (extended remix)(from Festive Non Festive).

Spirit Of Gravity Vol 4 (2004) cdr inc. Rashamon - Giant (slice). An edit of the half-hour track issued as one side of A Cassette Pair 2, split release with The Miscreants on Dizzy Tiger. (Also features Minimal Impact, Malevich, Sold, Waxed Apple, Hot Roddy, Shitmat, Mi15w, Multiplex, Komuso, Same Actor).

Miminal Impact - Bits (SOLAD065, 2004) cdr, inc: Rashamon - (remix)(i.e. Minimal Impact remix of Lights Out/Leaving Home, from Rashamon - Gravity People).

The Spirit Of Gravity Vol 5: Not Just For Christmas (2004) cdr inc. Rashamon - Festivus. (Also features McCloud, Malevich featuring Better Than The Originals, Bad Lieutenant, Hot Roddy, Onemancrimewave vs Ooort Paradox, Faoi, Minimal Impact).

Sun In Wintertime (Dizzy Tiger Music Co. DTMC09, 2005) cassette, inc; Rashamon - Cheers To Your Eyes. Mispressed cdr promo inc. Rashamon - Ador & Sleep Mighty (Hot Roddy's Cheese Cabassa mix).

Promo single (Dizzy Tiger Music Co. DTMC13, 2005) 3"cdr inc. Rashamon - Ador & Sleep Mighty (Hot Roddy's Cheese Cabassa mix).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Totally Bored BORED003, 2005) cdr inc. Rashamon - You Must Have Come To Your Senses. (Also features Malevich, Jeffrey and Ken Bonzul, Britch, Bela Emerson, Sharon Smith Quartet, Dr Colossus, Dead Monkey, Monster Bobby, Roger Species, Hot Roddy, The Gross Consumer, Mrs Reed, Same Actor, RPG Townfolk, Roger, Minimal Impact, The Pipettes).


Lee from Rashamon's label. The following are all cdr only releases:

AGGRO07 Various - This Window Only Opens Halfway (2005): Rashamon - Hikkiko Mori (90s Friendly mix), The Chap - I Am Oozing Emotion, Hot Roddy - Elsewhere, Nathan Williams & Justin Worts - Ode To Goldsmith, Rumiko Jr - Crowleys Estate (Si Ham remix), Minimal Impact Audio Destruction - 01AD, Si-cut.db - Post Emblem, Good Morning Captain - Luska. Intended to be given to the first fifty attendees of the Passive-Aggressive One club at The Volks, Brighton, 29th March 2005. mp3 links: The Chap - I Am Oozing Emotion , Good Morning Captain - Luska .

AGGRO06 Rashamon - Where Do You Get Off? (2004): Where Do You Get Off?, State Echoes/Wound Like a Wheel, Ador & Sleep Mighty, Lights On/Leaving Home.

AGGRO05 Rashamon - Gravity People (2004): Summer in a Box (remixed by Komuso), Ador & Sleep Mighty (Flammable Step Paranoia mix by Hot Roddy), Windo Loca (Cow and Oil mix by Malevich), Lights On/Leaving Home (remixed by Minimal Impact). Remixes by the Spirit Of Gravity collective of tracks put forward for an album release on Highpoint Lowlife; the album title was Tomorrow People, though the label issued only three of the tracks, as a 7" single and a download EP.

AGGRO04 Rashamon - Placard 1935 (2003): Placard 1935, Landscape With Flatiron.

AGGRO03 Donkey Kong Jr - Everything Was Beautiful...Nothing Hurt (2003): Flown Too Far To Come Back, Sad Disappearing Act, Tired Bodies, Follow The Lights, Discarded Crown. mp3 Link: All five tracks from the Donkey Kong Jr EP are available at

AGGRO02 Nathan Williams & Justin Worts - Recorded in Rubin's Attic (2003): Cromer Sunset, How We Feel, Little London, Dun Fishin, Ode To Goldsmith, Saxthorpe, Song Bout Bundoc, Recorded In Rubin's Attic, Ben Has The Bacon, Joe Doors Anthem, Rice Lake, The Drapes Of Melton Constable. Nathan Williams & Justin Worts is another alias for Planet Mu recording artist Henry Collins (Urban Myth, Shitmat), see

AGGRO01 Rashamon - Patchy Cop EP (2003)(initially credited to Stendec): Kerry San Dever (NYC), Hikkiko Mori, (Lets Hear It For The) Inflight Hiker, Dancephobia, Fanfare. mp3 Link: Rashamon - Fanfare or (click on 'music'); there's also an mp3 of Guitars Of Denial from the forthcoming Highpoint Lowlife EP on the latter site.


The Solar System (no label cdr, 2003) compilation, inc. Nathan Williams and Justin Worts - Joe Dawes (Rashamon mix) (See Donkey Kong Jr below)..

Shitmat - The Hardcore Cessation Termination: Shitmat Reconstructed (Spirit Of Gravity SOG006 2006) cdr, inc Rashamon - Disk Defragmenter (Crash mix). (Other Shitmat remixes by Minimal Impact, Multiplex, Terror Wogan, Hot Roddy, the notrious c.h.a.v., McCloud, Malevich and Faoi; plus bonus tracks from Cookie and nwodtleM).


Rashamon were originally called Stendec, until the Expanding Records act of the same name requested it to be changed. As Stendec, a cdr/cassette was released on Coastline Records (An End To All Days STER20 2001), followed by several own-label cdrs. Selections from these, plus versions from a promo cdr edition of An End To All Days, were issued on the Dizzy Tiger Music Co cassette Transit (DTMC01 2003), initially credited to Stendec, later to Rashamon.

Stendec - Christmas Bullshit (2001): Identify, Rashamon - Group of Untitles (Stendec mix), Snowblinder, Kelowna Radio (Refreak mix), Boy From Tomorrow - Bugger the Cat (Stendec's Nice mix), Little Star, Lamb - Gabriel (Stendec mix), Zero Degrees, Girl From 90, Stay Out Forever - Cars (Stendecs 1st mix), Timatica.

Stendec - Clubsunday EP (2002): Timoleague (Missus edit), Strokin' Bees (Instrumental demo), Sunblinder, Entire Knife Celeste, Coping, Assault Mode. mp3 Link: Stendec - Timoleague (Missus edit), Strokin' Bees (Instrumental demo): (mp3 no longer available, try )

Stendec vs Rashamon - Tha Forgotten Loss Ov Structure (2002): Incoming, Si Loop Tinsel, Timoleague Weekend, Spaceage, Structure of Loss/Forgotten. mp3 Links: Stendec - Structure of Loss/Forgotten: (mp3 no longer available) . Rashamon - Incoming, Si Loop Tinsel:

Stendec vs Mummakil - Festive Non Festive (2002): Mummakil - Haul the Decks, Stendec - Si Loop Tinsel (extended remix).


Lee issued the following cassettes as Scout, highlights of which appeared as the Coastline Records release Collected Works (STER7 1999):

Scout - Stay Frosty (1996): Stay Frosty, Stay Frosty (Tripitarka Mix), Way Up With Mr Moody Techno Man. (20 copies, though there were two differently mixed versions. "Inlay card by Coastline Reprographics")

Scout - Kimono Self-Interest (1997): Precursor, I Dream Of Arndale, Sitcom Rok/Sitcom Dub, 606 vs 808, An Accident Befalls The Dinosaurs, Patrick Atari, Sunday Morning Playstation Blues, Kinda Sniper, Country For The Blind, Kimono, Overconfidence Song, Arkansas. (30 copies)

Scout - Especially For Yule (1997): Klobber, I'm Dreaming Of An Arndale Christmas, Mr Creamy Shirts, With My Hand I'm Clapping. (20 copies)

Rumiko Jr. Donkey Kong Jr

Donkey Kong Jr's debut release was More Than One Way Of Drowning, a CDR/cassette on Coastline Records (STER24 2001), followed by another EP, Everything Was Beautiful...Nothing Hurt, issued on cdr by Passive/Agressive (AGGRO03 2003).

Their full length cd Broken Down Whiskey Sound has been issued on their own label (DKJR3 2004), visit  for a list of stockists, and an online purchasing facility courtesy of Mrs Yarrington's record shop of Battle.  Tracklisting: Little Nothing, Broken Vessel, Sweep the Ashes Away, Call Around, Rome, House Whiskey, Three Days, Bleed a Little Longer, Lord It's Good, Knives Slip In. mp3 link: Little Nothing, Broken Vessel and Sweep the Ashes are available at  ; Rock Indiana also host a Little Nothing mp3 on their site .Review link: .This album was reissued for continental Europe by the Spanish label Rock Indiana (CINDI205, 2005), under the band's new name Rumiko Jr (some remaining original UK copies featured the amended name on a cover sticker).

The Great Western Lie (forthcoming lp/cd on Izumi Records), tracklisting: Carve My Way, On A Hinge, Mountain Song, Solo Waltz, Self-Destruction Plan, Some Days, Lonely Friend, Time To Find, We Get Lost, Keep It Going On. Demo mixes of Some Days, Carve My Way and Mountain Song were pressed-up onto cdr as Rumiko Promo for All Tomorrow's Parties 2006 (tracks also available on


Coastline: A Sampler (Coastline STER17, 2000/2001) abandoned cdr release, some cassette promos made the following year, inc: Monkey - Winter's Evening. Available as a download from  .

Drowning By The Sea (Coastline STER16, 2001) cassette, inc: Donkey Kong Jr - Winter's Evening (live at The Tubman, Hastings, 14th Dec 2000).

Trains Across The Sea (Coastline STER25, 2001) cassette, inc: Donkey Kong Jr - Crowley's Estate (from More Than One Way Of Drowning EP).

Stendec - Christmas Bullshit (no label cdr, 2001) inc: Zero Degrees (actually a Stendec remix of A Winter's Evening By Moonlight, from More Than One Way Of Drowning EP).

The Solar System (no label cdr, 2003) inc. Donkey Kong Jr - Follow The Lights (from Everything Was Beautiful...Nothing Hurt). (Also features Trescent, Cancel House, Nathan Williams and Justin Worts, Euneva, Evird, Snedrag, Esolc, Ssap Yb).

The Top Thirty (Dizzy Tiger Music Co. DTMC06, 2004) cassette, inc: Donkey Kong Jr - Flown Too Far To Come Back (from Everything Was Beautiful...Nothing Hurt EP).

Autumn Almanac 2004 (Rock Indiana CINDI187, 2004) cd inc. Rumiko Jr - Call Around (from Broken Down, Whiskey Sound). Budget-price compilation (initially a tour freebie), now available from some continental stores, such as . (Also features The Winnerys, Sweet Apple Pie, Feedbacks, Bomnones, Farrah, Montana, Biscuit, The Happy Losers, Santi Campos, Nominees, Bronco Bullfrog, The Shannons).

Hastings Musicians Tsunami Appeal (no label cdr, 2005) inc. Rumiko Jr - Three Days (from Broken Down, Whiskey Sound). Fundraising compilation. (Also features Pass The Cat, Andrew Walker, Josie Hope, Mumm-Ra, Claire Hamill, Paul Phillips, Rufus Stone, Tim Hoyte, Hayley Savage, and an accidentally-uncredited 11th track by Burn Burn Burn).

This Window Only Opens Halfway (Passive-Aggressive AGGRO07, 2005) cdr inc: Rumiko Jr - Crowleys Estate (Si Ham remix). More details above.

Rocksalts (2006) mp3-cdr in dvd case, inc: Rumiko Jr - Carve My Way (demo from (Compilation cd featuring acts appearing at the first Rocksalts Festival in Rye. Also features Regular John - Twenty Six, Alfie Bernardi - Lift My Veil, The Crayons - 67 Girl, other tracks from Purple Bubble, Glavion, Gunmetal, Drowning By Numbers, The Red Shift, This Project, Mookie, The 5-40's, Fracture, The Higher State, Lower Case and Gavin Kiley. All tracks taken from the artists' Myspace pages, and available via