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Cheapskate&Porno discography

CHEAP 1 Cat Food - The Album (cassette)

CHEAP 2 Introductory Newsletter (flyer)

CHEAP 3 The Cat Food Section (fanzine contribution)

CHEAP 4 Cat Food & The HAMMS - The Ed EP (cassette)

CHEAP 5 HAMMS shorts (clothing)

CHEAP 6 The HAMMS - Ffft (flexi)

CHEAP 7 HAMMS logo poster (poster)

CHEAP 8 Cat Food - The Movie (film project)

CHEAP 9 Cat Food - Trip To Novelty Island (cassette idea)

CHEAP10 Cheapskate & Porno Midsummer Newsletter (flyer)

CHEAP11 The blue mini van (vehicle)

CHEAP12 A cairn (sculpture)

CHEAP13 The HAMMS on tour (event)

CHEAP14 Tour books (book project)

CHEAP15 Blue mini van playmat (poster)

CHEAP16 HAMMS Society headgear (clothing)

CHEAP17 HAMMS Disko 1 (event, posters etc)

CHEAP18 Xmas Message (poster)

CHEAP19 Christopher Saint election campaign (event, posters etc)

CHEAP20 HAMMS Disko 2 (event, posters etc)

CHEAP21 Cat Food - Reefer Madness (cassette - unissued)

CHEAP22 The HAMMS - Chris Likes Thieving (cassette)

CHEAP23 The Return of The HAMMS (event)

CHEAP24 The Cheapskate & Porno Archive (building)

CHEAP25 The HAMMS - Destroy All Misters (cassette)

CHEAP26 The HAMMS - Fuck The Millenium (cassette contibution)

CHEAP27 Cat Food Random Xmas Card (gift)

CHEAP28 Self Assembly Interview Tape (cassette)

CHEAP29 Ni Chi Def - Def 'n' Taxis (cassette - unissued)

CHEAP30 Future/Modern Newsletter (flyer)

CHEAP31 The HAMMS vs Some Wankers - The Original Noise! (cassette)

CHEAP32 HAMMS logo 2000 (design)

CHEAP33 Christopher Saint & his Well-Dressed Three - EP (cassette)

CHEAP666 Demands to Satan (pact - unfulfilled)

(nb: Dizzy Tiger Music Co is unable to process any orders for Cat Food product until 2015. We apologise for the inconvenience.)

  Just About Ma(i)d Mu(Sic)

Coastline Records STER3 1999: The Sound of Cat Food, Clare's Hit, This Song's Ours, Telstar, Shower Song, Teatime Over Britain, Doo Bee Doo Bee Doo, Train Journey To Staines (rough mix), Blue Mini Van Song, Lesley's Cover, Meat, Another Dirge, Toaster, Mah Na Mah Na, Pete's Guitar, The Blues, Paul's Mantra, Roll 3, Squishey Sandwich, We Know a Song That Gets On Everybody's Nerves (edit). Plus: more dialogue, an appearance from Greedy, the umberta, kazoos and extracts from the HAMMS 'Chris Likes Thieving'.


  The Original Noise!

Cheapskate & Porno CHEAP31 2000. Some Wankers: Blue Monday, S/W mk1, Happy additional guitar abuse - your chance to construct the sound of Some Wankers through tape editing. The HAMMS: Radio F..., Peter O'Sullivan Joins The HAMMS (Remix), WWWAAALLLKKKTTTHHHIIISSSWWWAAAYYY..., Full of Fist Dub of More (...pt2), ffft(audio)45.