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STER 1 Duplo - Bedhead EP (cassette)

STER 2 Cat Food - The Total Discontinuity. Part One (postcard)

STER 3 Cat Food - Just About Ma(i)d Mu(Sic) (cassette)

STER 4 Quality Socks 1 (fanzine)

STER 5 Angel Underground 4/Quality Sucks 2 (fanzine)

STER 6 Some Wankers - Maim That Tune! (cassette)

STER 7 Scout - Collected Works (cassette)

STER 8 The Ital Jets - Sweet 64 (CDR, cassette)

STER 9 Various - I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (cassette)

STER10 Quality Shox 3 (fanzine)

STER11 Quality Sights 4 (fanzine)

STER12 Liquidelica (shop)

STER13 Erosion One - 21st March 2000 (cassette)

STER14 (website)

STER15 Cat Food- The Total Discontinuity. Part Two (postcard)

STER16 Various - Drowning By The Sea (cassette)

STER17 Various - Coastline. A Sampler (promo CDR, cassette)

STER18 Bitterscene (film project)

STER19 Duplo - Strange Holidays In Techno (cassette)

STER20 Stendec - An End To All Days (CDR, cassette)

STER21 Stay Out Forever - The Magic Roundabout (cassette)

STER22 Erosion One - Flat Out (cassette)

STER23 A Club Coastline Scrapbook (fanzine)

STER24 Donkey Kong Jr- More Than One Way Of Drowning (CDR, cassette)

STER25 Various - Trains Across The Sea (cassette)

STER26 Shambolica (event)

(nb: although we gave away the remainder of the Coastline catalogue at All Tomorrow's Parties 2002, spare sleeves for many of the tapes are left over. Therefore, we've been able to fulfil orders recieved since then by running-off new copies of certain tapes, send an email if there's anything you'd like to hear. See the Contacting Us page for ordering details.)

Those Coastline Compilations

I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside (STER9) 1999: The Boy From Yesterday - Away in a Manger, Duplo - Sense of Occasion, The (Chemical) Raising Agents - She Holds Your Hand, Rancid Sheep - Lick My Distortion Pedal, Cami & Rosalind - Lieutenant Pigeon, Some Wankers - Broken Toys, Cat Food - Train Journey To Staines, The Boy From Tomorrow - April Fool's Day, Scout - Way Up, Minimus 3 - Tone Drone, Blind Drunk McHorsey - Destroys the Blues-Parts 1&2, The Ital Jets - Waiting for the Stand, Sterling Winthrop - New Thoughts on Haemorrhoids, Dep!/Frazer Hans - Excerpt from 'Slow Motion', Shinecello - Rawk and Roll, Old Bloke - Lumpy Scrumpy, Ni Chi Def - Love Burrow, The (Chemical) Raising Agents - Angels That Sing, Duplo - Citadel Two, No Marc - Since My Baby Left Me I've Been in Ballad Hell, The HAMMS - Fuck The Millenium, Rashamon - Demo, Una Skott - Untitled, Flat 4 - Answerphone Message, Quentin - Victoria, SDR - Your Silence, Madeline Milla - Everytime, Sewercare - Interview Technique. MP3 Link: Madeline Milla - Everytime (mp3 no longer available, try  )

Drowning By The Sea (STER16) 2001: Erosion One - Spring Edit, Rashamon - Flight Song, Donkey Kong Jr - Winter's Evening, Oliva Spleen - i) Like Deja Vu Carried on a Smell, ii) Fart in a Barrel, Stendec - Winterval, Catnip - Not Quite Satisfied, S/W - New Year's Sale, The Boy From Tomorrow/Retro Jim - High Speed Car Chase/Coda,  Scout - Overconfidence Song, The Ital Jets - Daylight, Azatzl - Barrier Coma, Stay Out Forever - Will They Thank Us?, Duplo - Colourscheme.

 Coastline. A Sampler (STER17) 2000: Drug Czar - Recovery, Monkey - Winter's Evening, Toyskin - Launch Out Loud (International Sinclair), Understudy - The Holiday. MP3 Link: Monkey - Winter's Evening

Trains Across The Sea (STER25) 2001: Sewercare - Now You've Got the Job, Toyskin - Launch Out Loud (International Sinclair), Ellen Cherry - Stop the Sea, Shinecello - I Am the Trucker/Past, The HAMMS - Destroy All Misters (extract), Mayumi & Friends - Cabron, Verlaine - Triumphant, The Boy From Tomorrow featuring Terry 'woof' Keen & Holly 'miaow' Moulton-Abbott - Bugger the Cat, Tim Hoyte - Soldier of Silence, Oliva Spleen - Man of Few Morals, Minimus 3 - The Fleetville Knuckle Shuffle, Sterling Winthrop - No Progress As Yet, The Citadels - Citadel 2, Scout - Sense of Occasion, Christopher Saint & his Well Dressed Three - The Rain in Hastings.., Bobby Rae Lemon - The Ground is Moving, The Terrible Twins - Hell at Bells, No Marc - Indecisive Scared & Slow, Understudy - The Holiday, Stendec - Kikuchiyo (promo version), Stay Out Forever - In Summer, Rashamon - A Group of Untitles, Donkey Kong Jr -  Crowley's Estate. MP3 Link: Toyskin - Launch Out Loud (International Sinclair) (mp3 no longer available.)

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 The Original Sin



Oh no, it's Duplo

Bedhead EP (Hamster on a Turntable STER1 1992, re-edited reissue on Coastline STER1r 2001): Dumbfound, Go To Pieces, Sense Of Occasion, Chainsaw.

Strange Holidays In Techno (STER19 2001): I Live In Bexhill, Seething Fury, Infinity Drive, Real Time, Don't Get So Excited, Momentum, Twisted Beautiful Turmoil, Shift, Instinct Leads To It, Soon I Hope To Learn To Dance, Try to Think, Apparition, Sense Of Occasion, Dumbfound, Habit Forming, Something Interesting, Don't Let It Get To You, Bedhead, Pleasure Victims, Go To Pieces, Chainsaw, Slow Motion, Like Dust, No More Than You, Carolyn's Composition, Iceland, Citadel Two, Colourscheme, It's The Fathom, Firestate Park.

Duplo Review Links:


 The Original Sin

The Ital Jets. Donkey Kong Jr

The Ital Jets - Sweet 64 (STER8 1999): Waiting For The Stand, Sweet 64, Daylight, Pinback.

Donkey Kong Jr - More Than One Way Of Drowning (STER24 2001): Riders on the Prom, A Winter's Evening by Moonlight, Crowley's Estate.

Coastline Records website (archived)


Scout. Stendec

Scout - Collected Works (STER7 1999): Stay Frosty, Sitcom Rok/Dub, Klobber, Sunday Morning Playstation Blues, Overconfidence Song, Country For The Blind, Arkansas, 606 vs 808.

Stendec - An End To All Days (STER20 2001): Progrom, You Can't Be Here, Girl From 82, Lifelong, Senet, Fatal Familial, Kikuchiyo, (Cease) Upon the Midnight, Remote, Kelowna Radio. MP3 Links: Stendec - Kikuchiyo 2, Lifelong, Senet: (mp3s no longer available, try )