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Ordering Dizzy Tiger Music Co releases is very simple, so I'll try and over-complicate it. Cassettes are basically a quid each, whether you want it posted or pick it up yourself. Maybe two quid for people overseas (ie outside the UK. A quid is a pound, but we prefer quids). You can make cheques out to Stuart Huggett if you want. Or you can have stuff for free anyway. Depends on whether you want to spend money or not. I don't like doing any of this for money, don't want money to be associated with this music (just my personal opinon; not all the musicians we work with think the same). Of course, if you pay for Dizzy Tiger stuff, the likelihood of the label being able to operate easier is greater, but that's not the point. (By the way, Coastline Records stuff, the tapes at least, was always free. It remains free until someone realises how good we were and puts out our Greatest Hits album; they'd be fools not to. If you are one of the first fifty or so people who actually paid money for our Quality Socks fanzine in Hastings or at Bowlie back in 1999, before we decided to give them away, please contact Stu for a refund) 


Or use the mobi and get stomped by Obi:

07745 386444

Thanks for technical support: Sophie Bradbury, Lee Hume, Adam John, Lewis Pretty, Emma Stace, Lyn Strong, Marcus Sullivan, Paula Wilkins. Beyond your local library, we also recommend using the computers at Revolver, George Street, Hastings - they seem to work, and there's a bar.

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If you must...

Stay Out Forever - Extra Mix Third Album (Dizzy Tiger DTMC03 2003) (Originally issued SOFE2 2002)

A Cassette Pair # 1: Cadence - Cat Biscuits-Semper Fidelis, Stay Out Forever - The Talkboy Album (Dizzy Tiger DTMC02 2003) (Originally issued PC01 2002, with Cadence side credited to Rashamon. Seb gave Lee the Rashamon name the next year when he had to stop using Stendec. So any Rashamon tracks predating this, such as those on the Coastline compilations, are actually by Seb)

Erosion One - Flat Out (Coastline STER22 2001): Fridge Magnets, Dispensing Magic, Asleep, Awaking.

Stay Out Forever - The Magic Roundabout (Coastline STER21 2001) (Originally issued as SOFE1 2000. There wasn't a proper tracklisting, but I included part of my editing notes in the sleeve design, and these guide-titles were picked up on: Testing, Telephone, Fanfare, Songwriting, Exile, Roll, Romans, Wheeze, Quit, Ending, Vet, Fog, DJ, Cars, Estate, Improve, Readmittance, Folk, Destroy, Prediction, Stories, WWW, Shanty, Duck, Wires, Love, History, Electric, Failiure, C45, Life, Thanks, Breathe, Free, Tuning, Post, Return, Questions, None, Four, Closedown.)

Erosion One - 21st March 2000 (Coastline STER13) 2000: TQ766079:1230AM, TQ831095:1230PM.

Stay Out Forever & Erosion One Review Links: The Original Sin www.mitglied.lycos.de/DreamsNeverEnd/osrev015/html