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The Dizzy Tiger Music Co was founded at a vague time in the early 21st Century, sometime after the demise of Hastings' only underground tape label Coastline Records. It exists to continue some of the good work done by Coastline in the Nineties, by issuing occasional cassette albums and compilations by obscure, unsignable or abandoned groups and artists. Copies of almost all past and future releases referred to on this site can be obtained by sending an email for further information, usually for no cost at all. See the Contacting us page for further details. How nice of us.

So take a good look at my face

Various - Anti (DTMC16) 2007: The Flesh Happening - Will To Kill, Rumiko Jr - Mountain Song, The Fellow Toms - Stripes & Trilby, Rashamon - So Much For The Cavalier Attitude, Kim Wan - Chicken in A Box, Regular John - Twenty Six, Rufus Stone - Don't Believe, Same Actor- Feb 11th 2006, Doctor Fonda - White Noise, Billy & the Fingers - I Don't Want To Move To Brighton, Tim Hoyte - Uncle Ned's Flying Machine, St Vincent - Gobots & The Disco (Stop), The Briganties - Shadows In The Hall, The Peacetime Romances - So Bored Of Public Schoolboys (Tellin' Me How It Is), The Long Goodbye - Mary Lynn, The Black Tulips - I Don't Want You, (name tbc) - (title tbc), Morning Star - Close My Eyes. 60-minute cassette compilation (cdr to follow...)

Rashamon - The Power Of Hatred ep (DTMC15) 2006: The Power Of Hatred, Shake The Rodeo Stammer, Plane As Ya Honey (Hot roddy mix). (3" cdr ep). The original version of Plane As Ya Honey features on Rashamon's Frightened By The Familiar cd album on Passive-Aggressive (AGGRO08, 2005).

Regular John - Defeat All Tigers (The Rock Lane tapes) (DTMC14) 2005: I Can Count Hostages, Makin' Bones, Witch Doctor, Robert Johnson, Twenty Six.(5" cdr ep)

Promo single: Rashamon - Ador & Sleep Mighty (Hot Roddy's Cheese Cabassa mix), Minimal Impact - 01AD (DTMC13) 2005. (3"cdr promo, features the two mispressed tracks from the promo cdr version of Sun In Wintertime - see below)

Sacrifice (DTMC12) 2005: 60 minute documentary cassette. Side One recorded during Jack In The Green festival (1st/2nd May 2005), Side Two recorded during Hastings Bonfire (8th Oct 2005).

A Cassette Pair #3 (DTMC11) 2005: Minimal Impact - The Day I Met The Cosmonauts (Heroes of Soviet Union), Shitmat - Hollyoaks starts at 6:30 (Wake the Fuck Up, Answer the Fucking Phone, Do the Washing Up, Answer the Fucking Door, Turn on the TV and Fill my Head Full of Pointless Information, Log In to my Fuckin' Yahoo Email Account (again), Brush my Decaying Nicotine Nescafe Fangs, Go to Sleep). (A Spirit Of Gravity head-to-head of Noise. Side one 45 mins, Side two 30 mins)

Axis Deer - dc (DTMC10) 2005: Dc, Crystalline, October Missed, Hungry Ghost, The Silk, Helena Crash, Rtg, Marinet, Flames in the Night, Arc, Yuri, Maidens, Fibre Optics, Document. (cdr album, featuring majority of the tracks from Axis Deer's two self-released cassettes Milo Stein and Holinsky, recorded two or three years previously)

Various - Sun In Wintertime (DTMC09) 2005: Tim Hoyte - October Friend, Volunteers - It Takes Years, Duff Parker - Should Have Worked Out Different But I Guess That's How It Goes, Good Morning Captain - Sova, Hot Roddy - Repetoire, Duncan Pearce - Wire Song, Regular John - Hyeshin, Axis Deer - Fiber Optics, Miminal Impact - Lim Bim, The Crayons - You Can't Get Away From Me, Flying Marrows - MamaPapa, The Flesh Happening - I Like Nuns, Rashamon - Cheers To Your Eyes, Emma Darling - Found, Jonathan Martin - Don't Let It Slip Away. mp3 link: The Crayons - You Can't Get Away From Me .(Sixty minute cassette/cdr compilation, from various sources. Promo cdr mispressed with Rashamon - Ador & Sleep Mighty-Hot Roddy's Cheese Cabassa mix and Minimal Impact - 01AD in place of their original tracks, and a poor quality transfer of the Axis Deer track (the later, corrected cdr edition has all the original cassette tracks, in their intended mixes). The new Rashamon and Minimal Impact tracks were then pressed up as a promo 3"cdr single, see DTMC13 above)

The Miscreants - Bexhill Ennui (DTMC08) 2004: Introductions, Preset 1&2, Mr Bumblebee (Tea with...), Preset 3&4, Ideas/Time, Lee's Gone Mad, Acoustic Thing, Mr Bumblebee (slight return), Preset 5 w' rhythm, Misc Gtrs, Preset 6, Bentley's Gonna Sort The Miscreants Out (edit), Preset 7, Instability #2, Pre-SJB (edit), Sample 1, In/Instability #2, Piece for keyboard & violin/Needs New Batteries, Theme, L.Carroll vs SK1, Theme (reprise)/Birthplace of the Blues (Isn't Here)/Return to your Birthplace, Wanna See Me Make Bubbles With My Spit?/Sample 2, Sample 3, Theme (reprise #2), Sample 4&5, Rehearsal 1, Sample 6, My Legs Have Fallen Off Blues, Where Are My Legs?, Whatever/Run/Storyteller/Drugs, Please Just Stop, Home/Blame, Sample 7, Preset 8, Sample 8, Preset 9&10, Answer Message/Rehearsal 2, Indiepopsong, Sample 9, Spellclean, Extracts from Karaoke Dokey. (Ninety minutes of lo-fi hi-jinks from Paul, Carolyn and Stu; make of it what you will)

C/R/E - Go Digital (DTMC07) 2004: A, B. (Ltd. ed. sixty minute tape constructed from faulty cdrs; electronic confusion, no refunds)

Various - The Top Thirty (DTMC06) 2004: Stay Out Forever - Chicco (from The Talkboy Album), Rashamon - Kerry San Dever (remix)(exclusive track), Donkey Kong Jr - Flown Too Far To Come Back (from Everything Was Beautiful...Nothing Hurt), Cadence - Extract from:Cat Biscuits-Semper Fidelis, Duplo - Habit Forming (live at Shambolica)(from How I Spent My Vacation), Nathan Williams & Justin Worts - Ode To Goldsmith (from Recorded In Rubin's Attic), Verlaine - Stranded, Rashamon - Si Loop Tinsel (extended remix)(alternate version from Stendec vs Mummakil: Festive Non Festive), The Miscreants - Bells (exclusive track). mp3 Link: Verlaine - Stranded . Donkey Kong Jr - Flown Too Far To Come Back  . (Sixty minute compilation of initial Dizzy Tiger and Passive Aggressive releases, Jul 2001-Jan 2004. For a note on Cadence, please see DTMC02, below)

Duplo - How I Spent My Vacation (DTMC05) 2004: Dumbfound, Citadel Two, Habit Forming, Sense Of Occasion, Colourscheme. (live at Shambolica event, Fubar, Hastings 15th July 2001; Duplo's one-off reunion for the Coastline farewell party)

A Cassette Pair #2 (DTMC04) 2004: The Miscreants - Self-Pity, Rashamon - Giant. (sixty minute coupling of differing live experiments; The Miscreants side is compiled from quiet, private recordings, whereas the Rashamon side captures a one song improvisation by Lee, Seb and Michael)

Stay Out Forever - Extra Mix-Third Album (DTMC03) 2003: (Sixty minutes of home-taped odds and ends from the same sessions as The Talkboy Album, initially released as a demo SOFE0002, a Dizzy Tiger Reassignment Pack, i.e. some stickers, is available to convert original copies to the Dizzy Tiger version)

A Cassette Pair #1 (DTMC02) 2003: Cadence - Cat Biscuits-Semper Fidelis, Stay Out Forever - The Talkboy Album. (Ninety minute tape, two albums compiled from home recordings by Seb as Cadence and Stu as Stay Out Forever. Initially released as A Cassette Pair PC01, when Cadence were still called Rashamon, before Seb offered that name to Lee's Stendec. Again, a Dizzy Tiger Reassignment Pack is available. Subsequently, another Hastings band has started using the name Cadence, so Seb's next recordings will appear under the name Sparta Sal)

Rashamon - Transit (DTMC01) 2003: Incoming, Timoleague (missus edit), Senet, Spaceage, Little Star, Coping, Timatica, Structure of Loss/Forgotten, Si Loop Tinsel, Progrom, Entire Knife Celeste, Kelowna Radio, Identify, Fatal Familial, Strokin' Bees (instrumental demo), Girl from 82, Snowblinder, assault Mode, Hunterkiller, Dub Shot Dead, Invisible Monsters. mp3 Link: Rashamon - Incoming, Si Loop Tinsel . (Ninety minute compilation of tracks from Lee's post-Coastline, pre-Passive Aggressive releases as Stendec; taken from the promo version of An End To All Days, and the Christmas Bullshit, Clubsunday EP and Tha Forgotten Loss Ov Structure cdrs, see the Associated Releases page for details)


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